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    Congresses, conferences and events are an important economic factor with future prospects, but these do not always have to involve long journeys and high costs for participants and organisers. The cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative are virtual events with video presentations (e.g. live streaming or webcam lectures).

Frequent use cases

Virtual trade fairs and conferences with the innovative online event software from meetyoo

With the virtual event platform, you can organize virtual conferences and trade fairs where visitors can move around like at a real trade fair. In a virtual auditorium, lectures and presentations can be followed and visitors can obtain further information at information stands and make direct contact with the organiser or a representative. The interaction between organizer and audience takes place via video or text chat. In this way, individual questions about trade fair and conference topics can also be answered.

Success Story

The digital exhibition of Barmenia Versicherungen

For the second time, Barmenia is using meetyoo’s virtual trade fair platform as an integral part of its communication in order to combine a direct dialogue with the lowest possible use of resources.

Employees are the most important capital of any company. The battle for good employees is getting tougher and tougher, so it is essential that a company professionally markets itself from an HR perspective (employer branding) and reaches as many interested parties as possible with its job offers and company information. Experience shows that with a virtual recruiting event you reach more participants than with a physical event, because prospective employees in permanent employment can rarely take part in physical career events.

  • 2/3 of the participants have work experience.
  • 72 % of all visitors upload their CV.
  • The next event was booked for the 4th time.
  • 95 % of all participants were satisfied with the live interaction.

Employee information across all boundaries

With the virtual event platform, you can implement all information events for your employees without having to spend one euro on travel or accommodation for your employees. In addition to cost savings, the elimination of travel time is one of the main reasons for using virtual company events. Even highly confidential information can be transmitted during a virtual employee event, since all connections are encrypted.

Success Story

Event conferences as an ideal solution for investor relations events

Early and efficient communication is of central importance within a company. In order to optimize processes in this area, Grammer AG regularly uses event conferences managed by meetyoo.

Use the virtual event platform to set up your company’s own online academy. There is no time or space limit to the training and education of your employees. The individual courses can be completed live or broadcast for later viewing. For questions and answers, forums, group chats, webcam broadcasts or video streams are available in the Online Academy. Use the virtual event platform to set up your own online academy. There is no time or space limit to the training and education of your employees. The individual courses can be completed live or broadcast for later viewing. For questions and answers, forums, group chats, webcam broadcasts or video streams are available in the Online Academy.

In order to reach new customers (lead generation) or strengthen existing customer relationships, companies today have to become more and more creative. With the help of virtual marketing events you can put your company, your products and your customer service in the best light. Use video streaming and virtual information stands to present information attractively. The virtual event platform is also ideal for communication with journalists and media representatives.

Customers of the virtual event platform of ubivent

  • "We were able to reach our external and internal target groups all over the world in a completely uncomplicated way. Together we showed what the future of international events will look like."
    Manfred Schurer – Head of e-Communications at MAN
  • "The success of our first virtual career fair is impressive. We were able to introduce BASF as an innovative employer to participants from all over the world."
    Dr. Jörg Leuninger - Head of European Recruiting at BASF
  • "We were able to reach many customers with little effort on our part. We can only recommend the idea of organizing a virtual event, especially with ubivent as a partner."
    Arno Schnelle - Technology Strategist at Microsoft
  • "The ubivent platform offers everything we need to secure this unique advantage for our company."
    Henning Franke – Head of Site Development at ROCHE

product details

Communication and Interaction

A freely configurable avatar greets the participants of the virtual conference at the booth. In addition to numerous design functions, it also offers interactive tools such as the chat function, document download and social media integration.

Appearance in corporate design

From the entrance hall to the exhibition stands, the auditorium to the networking centre or a library, you determine the spatial structure of the virtual exhibition. In doing so, your company will maintain a professional external appearance in its own corporate design throughout.

Experience of a real classroom

(Video-)Lectures in real time, as a replacement or an addition to the on-site event, which can be recorded upon request and accessed later as as on-demand video.

Live streaming

The live streaming technology used ensures a smooth transmission of the content even with a very large circle of participants.

Interaction with participants

You can use forums, individual and group chats or question-and-answer sessions via audio connections to allow the organisers to interact with the participants.

Social Media Integration

Thanks to the social media connection of the event platform, content can be shared directly from the virtual event in the social media channels.

Hybrid Event: The digital addition to your on-site event

At a hybrid event, online participants from all over the world are integrated live into their presence event. The increased reach means even more guests can participate in your event, your event becomes more innovative and you protect the environment.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions about our virtual event platform? Or are you already planning to inform your employees, customers and partners through this platform? We are at your disposal for all matters concerning virtual events. We look forward to hearing from you.

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