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Our Commitments

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Environmental and social responsibilities

For many years now, we have been committed to sustainable business events and practices, and to ensuring social and ecological standards within our company. We take our social responsibility seriously and try to give back whenever we can or a good opportunity presents itself. This is reflected in the numerous charitable activities we join regionally and internationally.

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What we do...

... for social causes
We first started supporting various social projects in 2012. Our goal was to do something for society and help people in need. Among other things, our employees have come together to donate blood, take refugee children to the zoo, and contributed to donations to refugee homes and catastrophe relief funds which have been matched by MEETYOO. 

In 2021 alone, MEETYOO has supported the Aashita Orphanage, the Batu Bambu Kids Foundation, the "Forest Pirates" of the German Children's Cancer Foundation, the Hugo Tempelman Foundation, the Johann-Peter-Hebel-Heim, the Ocean Blue Project, the SOS Children's Village in Vorpommern, and the Bartali School in Israel with a Christmas donation of 75,000€.

Urban tree campaign by meetgreen for our environment
... for our environment
Over the last few years, we were able to support various reforestation projects and were an active member of the B.A.U.M. e.V. for a decade. We have collaborated with STADTBAUMKAMPAGNE BERLIN repeatedly, sponsoring the costs for planting and maintaining urban trees in various Berlin districts. We’re glad we could already help plant more than 2,000 trees in our home town and German forests.

Our conferencing solutions give our users the opportunity to cover their communication needs via virtual events, webcasts, as well as web and phone conferences. Business trips are no longer a necessity and with each step towards a more digital future, you make a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions and we to Net Zero Events.

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... for education
Since 2014, we have counted as one of Berlin’s best companies for trainees. Even though we value a relaxed and informal atmosphere, have a foosball table, and beers in the company fridge: We are an established company, with matured processes, sound experience, know-how, and secure corporate profits.
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African wild dog

Protected animal sponsorship

As a company with its HQ in Berlin, it is a matter of the heart to help out institutions of our beautiful city. Because of this, MEETYOO took on an animal sponsorship to support the Berlin Zoo. In 2021 we held a company-wide poll to decide on an animal  which we wanted to sponsor and support with donations. The collective choice fell on the adorable, spotted African wild dog. 

"Lycaon pictus" means "painted dog" – this scientific name makes sense when you look at the speckled coats of African wild dogs. They also make for a cute company mascot.

Green Leaves as symbol for sustainability

Responsible and mindful workplace

We practise what we preach in our customer interactions and within our company. This is why we also believe that it’s important for us to provide all of our employees with the basis for a mindful and ecologically friendly work environment. We send online invoices to our customers to save paper. Our office provides employees with free water in glass bottles instead of plastic. All office restrooms are outfitted with a towel dispenser with environmentally friendly fabric towels. Our employees are provided with daily deliveries of organic fruit and vegetables to the office.

Team members of the yearly company run

Health and sports

Yearly company run and city cycling: We like to make sure to provide our employees with fun challenges and inspiration to stay fit. This is why our team joins the Berlin city marathon every year. And of course, MEETYOO covers the participation fee of all team members who want to join the marathon. 

In 2019, 12 MEETYOOS took to the wheels and participated in the city cycling competition. They collectively cycled more than within 2,353 km within three weeks, which corresponds to CO2 savings of 382.16 kg.

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