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Security and data privacy for virtual events - MEETYOO
Security & data privacy

Security & Data Privacy comes first. We are ISO-certified and our platform is fully GDPR-compliant.

Participant Search - MEETYOO
Participant search

Include the participant search with the profile filter feature to facilitate the networking possibilities of your virtual event participants.

Chatwall for virtual events - MEETYOO

Integrate a chat wall in your keynote sessions and presentations for your virtual event participants to give their opinion, engage and participate in the discussion.

Template based virtual event environments - MEETYOO
Template based event environments

Use appealing 3D like designs that bring your event to life and are rendered into 2D to run smoothly on every computer.

Template based virtual event environments - MEETYOO
Individual branding

Make sure your brand get recognized and apply logos and brand colors on customizable elements throughout your entire event. 

Event expert consultation for virtual events - MEETYOO
Event expert consultation

A dedicated event expert will support you with your event concept from A to Z, and will make sure the whole virtual event setup is working well.

Mix and match - MEETYOO
Mix and match

Facilitate group discussions on scale. With Mix & Match, you can put over 1000 participants in breakout rooms during your presentation.

Individual event registration page - MEETYOO
Individual registration page

Create appealing and individual registration pages for your visitors.

Participant mailing for virtual events - MEETYOO
Participant mailing

Stay in touch with your audience before, during and after the event with our integrated mailing function.

Gamification for virtual events - MEETYOO

Add fun and a healthy sense of competition to generate leads that fit your requirements and to increase the active participation within your virtual venue. 

Virtual event engagement - MEETYOO

Add interactive features to your virtual venue and increase the visitor volume to key areas of your digital event.

Integrated video chat in virtual events - MEETYOO
Integrated video chat

Get in touch face to face with participants with our integrated video chat functionality.

First class support for virtual events - MEETYOO
First class support

Our dedicated project managers are there to consult you and create your ultimate event experience.

Breakout sessions for digital events - MEETYOO
Breakout sessions

Organize virtual breakout sessions, workshops, round tables and mix and mingles for your audiences to connect, network and actively participate.

100% browser based virtual event platform - MEETYOO
100% browser based

Your event, as well as our event editor and webcast, work entirely in the browser. No need to download any additional software.

Networking area in virtual events - MEETYOO
Networking area

Offer public networking lounges for video calls or chat rooms for your participants to mix and mingle, connect, and discuss the event.

Training sessions for virtual event speakers and staff - MEETYOO
Training sessions

Our dedicated project managers will also host training sessions and provide technical support, ensuring the success of your event.

Virtual event matchmaking - MEETYOO

Our AI-based matchmaking tool for digital events analyses the information of each participant's profile to provide users with a contact list of other online visitors with similar interests.

Always-on virtual event platform - MEETYOO
Always-On venue

Transform your event into an "always on venue" for virtual events and communication spaces where visitors can have 24/7 access to.

Participant profile information - MEETYOO
Participant profile information

Define the profile fields and criteria for the business card of your event participants for them to best reflect their personal interests and professional background.

Analytics and reporting of virtual events - MEETYOO
Analytics & reporting

Get in-depth reports and analytics of the performance of your event.

Event agenda for virtual events - MEETYOO
Event agenda

Structure the schedule of your event with our easy to use agenda planner.

Business card download - MEETYOO
Business card download

Download the business card of other virtual event participants for pre, during and after event networking. 

On-demand webcast by our virtual event platform - MEETYOO
On-Demand webcast

Missed a livestream? No problem. Give your audience access to past webcasts so they never miss out.

Live sessions for virtual events - MEETYOO
Live sessions

MEETYOO offers webcast stream solutions for all types of live sessions, customers and requirements. 

Forum for virtual events - MEETYOO

Create forum rooms for your participants to discuss different topics related to the agenda of your event.

Feedback survey after event - MEETYOO
Feedback survey

Ask your booth visitors for feedback to improve your strategy and content for the next event.

Agenda planner for virtual events - MEETYOO
Agenda planner

Present your sessions and speakers with our interactive agenda. Add calendar integration, reminders and downloads.

File handout - Virtual Event Platform - MEETYOO
File handout

Give access to additional downloadable material in booths across your event venue.

Screen sharing in virtual events - MEETYOO
Screen sharing

There's more stuff to show? Just share your screen with the audience.

Booth configuration for virtual events - MEETYOO
Booth configuration

Customize booths by adding logos, background videos and informational content.

Webcast live stream for virtual events - MEETYOO
Webcast live streams

A professional production with studio-quality A/V streams. The webcast solution includes live or pre-recorded webcam streams of speakers and presentation slides.

Booth avatar for virtual events - MEETYOO
Booth Avatar

Be more approachable by adding a photographic avatar of you or somebody else behind booths.

Individual booth branding for virtual events - MEETYOO
Individual booth branding

Design and brand your virtual booth individually and completely customized according to your corporate identity. 

Webcast overlays for virtual streams - MEETYOO
Webcast overlays

Add additional info or graphical overlays to your live webcasts.

Bullet-proof stability - Virtual event platform - MEETYOO
Bullet-proof stability

Our technical infrastructure provides the stability to handle dozens concurrent large-scale events with thousands of visitors on a daily basis.

Participant contact in virtual events - MEETYOO
Participant contact

Enable networking among participants by having access to contact details from participants of your event.

Chat for virtual events - MEETYOO

Keep the conversation going with our integrated chat function. You can also create multiple chatrooms for different purposes.

Customizable streaming backgrounds - MEETYOO
Customizable streaming backgrounds

Customize the backgrounds of your webcasts and streaming sessions with your corporate identity or the theme or your virtual event.

Unique event environment design - MEETYOO
Unique event environment design

Design your unique virtual event environment according to your specific wishes and expectations.

Own design integration - MEETYOO
Own design integration

Possible integration of your own digital designs for virtual event venues and webcast streams.

Up to 50.000 virtual event participants - MEETYOO
Up to 50.000 participants

MEETYOO's virtual event solutions support events up to 50.000 participants.

Interactive agenda - MEETYOO
Interactive agenda

Add speaker images and biographies to the agenda feature to best describe the presentations and sessions of your event. 

Polls for virtual events - MEETYOO

Get to hear your audience opinion with our integrated polls functionality.

Favorite sessions selector - MEETYOO
Favorite sessions

Select and mark favorite sessions and save them in your calendar of choice. Event organizers can see a count of favorite sessions in the analytics report.  

Q&As for virtual events - MEETYOO

Keep your audience curious by creating insightful Q&A sessions during webcasts.

Live webcast for virtual events - MEETYOO
Live webcast

MEETYOO's virtual event solutions allow yo to start live webcasts via webcam.

Slide and videos presentation for virtual events - MEETYOO
Slide and video presentation

Display slides or videos in different formats and files to your audience with our webcast solutions.

Optimized in-house video distribution - MEETYOO
Optimized in-house video distribution

MEETYOO offers solutions for optimizing in-house video distribution to deliver high-qualify streaming within your corporate network, whilst reducing internet bandwidth. 

Email support for virtual events - MEETYOO
Email support

For any matter, reach out to us via Email Support. We're happy to help!

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