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Virtual All-Hands team meetings

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Fun and interactive Virtual Town Hall Meetings with MEETYOO

Fun and interactive town hall meetings

Virtual town hall meetings have become an essential part of the internal communication strategy of companies and organizations. MEETYOO’s digital event platform makes it very easy to organize and conduct online meetings and town hall streams for your company in highly immersive and creative virtual environments. They are stable, interactive, global, and sustainable.

Virtual town hall meetings- benefits

Benefiting from virtual town hall meetings 

Town hall meetings with video streams are an effective way for bringing management boards, employees, and organization teams together to share relevant company updates, strategic developments, big projects, client acquisitions, and KPI updates.

MEETYOO’s virtual event solutions allow users to broadcast highly interactive and engaging internal company meetings to up to 50,000 stakeholders and employees. This with extremely high security standards.

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Virtual town hall meetings have many advantages for organizations

The MEETYOO Pro platform for virtual events offers the necessary features and tools on the market to organize successful and engaging virtual company meetings – our track record with large-scale brands and digital event experiences speaks for itself. 

Virtual Town Hall Meetings for Community Building
Team building
Organize exciting online company meetings that keep your employees engaged and motivated from beginning to end. Strengthen your company culture and build an engaged community within your organization while promoting virtual team cooperation.
Virtual town hall meetings - virtual collaboration
Virtual collaboration
Facilitate inclusive and open discussions between employees and management boards, and give your teams a voice through live polling, live chats, and Q&A sessions that allow them to participate and address their ideas in a fun and interactive way.
Virtual town hall meetings - bridge distances and time zones
Bridge distances and time zones
Locations and time zones are no longer an issue. Leave those things behind and reach employees around the world. Employees who can't attend the town hall, won't miss out on important announcements with our on demand feature.
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Who should be responsible for the technical event setup?

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9 tips for organizing engaging virtual town hall meetings

Organizing interactive and entertaining virtual corporate meetings with all members of an organization is a good way to strengthen company culture, especially among international and global teams that may not have many opportunities to connect in person. Here at MEETYOO, the monthly virtual town hall is our most important internal communication channel between the management board and our employees.

That's why we've put together the following list of tips to help you make your next virtual town hall meeting a memorable and fun experience that your employees will love.  

virtual town hall meetings - storyboard


Like for every event, planning and organization are essential to delivering a smooth experience. In order to offer an entertaining town hall meeting, start with a storyboard to introduce the speakers of the day and their topics.

Virtual town hall meetings - Schedule

Mind the time

Scheduling is key. Think digitally and take into account that digital formats are shorter and therefore plan each slot of your town hall meeting down to the minute.  

Virtual town hall meetings - variety

Plan for variety

Make sure to mix things up and add fun and new elements every time. Invite guest speakers from different departments and include video introductions of your new employees and polls. 

Virtual town hall meetings - entertaining transitions

Entertaining transitions

Mind the attention spans in digital formats and think about using entertaining media and visualizations (e.g. videos, gifs, etc.) for the transitions between topics and slots.   

Virtual town hall meetings - feedback

Promote feedback

Create different feedback and interaction opportunities and promote open discussions via open chat walls and Q&A sessions. 

Virtual town hall meetings - video operator

Use a video operator

Use a video operator to ensure a good video mixing and stream. Video quality and production makes a big difference when it comes to engage the participants.

Virtual town hall meetings - Testing

Do a dry run beforehand

Testing beforehand and drying run on the day before is essential to ensure a save and structured delivery of your message and a remarkable meeting experience.  

Virtual town hall meetings - pimp up your speaker set up

Pimp your speaker setup

Give your speaker setup a blow-up and do the same for the other presenters. Good sound, proper lighting, a green screen, a professional mic, and headphones can help you increase the quality of your presentations.

Virtual town hall meetings - no distractions

No last minute changes

Dial in on time, avoid external distractions during the talk, and – most importantly – avoid last minute equipment experiments and changes. 

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