• Virtual trade fairs with the innovative online event software from meetyoo

    ubivent of meetyoo is the award-winning platform in Germany for holding virtual company and career fairs as well as large online conferences for several thousand visitors simultaneously. Thanks to stable streaming, live events can also be made virtually accessible in the form of hybrid events. Software made in Germany – awarded the “IT 2017 Innovation Prize”.

Advantages of a virtual trade fair

As with all online events, a virtual trade fair allows you to benefit from the almost unlimited reach of the Internet. By participating quickly and easily in an online trade fair, the number of participants can be increased many times over compared to a trade fair in attendance.

In addition to the range, the time and cost factor is a major advantage of virtual trade fairs: Where there are often participation hurdles at a presence trade fair due to travel (time factor) or the expenses for travel and possibly accommodation (cost factor), these are omitted at an online trade fair.

In general, the reach of an online trade fair is greater than that of a presence trade fair. By using the Internet as a medium, people can ideally also be reached for whom visiting a presence trade fair is too time-consuming (e.g. for cost and/or time reasons).

Even international participants can visit your virtual trade fair quickly and easily.

A virtual trade fair is cheaper than a presence trade fair. No physical exhibition stand has to be planned and built, no information material has to be produced and the employees at the stand do not need accommodation or extra travel.

Once set up, your virtual trade fair can be used again and again for new events.

Visitors to an online trade fair simply take part in the virtual event at the click of a mouse – and in their familiar surroundings without any additional loss of time due to possible travel times.

The virtual exhibition hall can be accessed via a PC, tablet PC or smartphone (Internet connection required).

At some fairs it can be crucial for the visitor to remain anonymous (e.g. at career fairs to avoid frightening the current employer or for special health-related topics).

The online fair enables visitors to inform themselves anonymously as far as possible without being recognised by colleagues.

Virtual fair, explained by Carmen Hentschel

Here you can find the most important functions of the virtual trade fair

Further information on virtual trade fairs can be found in our product details.

Additional advantages of meetyoo's online trade fair software

Companies can use meetyoo’s powerful event platform to carry out various trade fair formats online.
The advantages of virtual trade fairs with meetyoo technology:

  • Perfect virtual trade fair experience with virtual information and trade fair stands, entrance hall and lounge as well as a virtual auditorium
  • handling of several thousand fairgoers simultaneously
  • Live events can be streamed into the virtual trade fair with high performance streaming technology
  • Comprehensive reporting for success measurement and lead generation at your trade show

Long range

With meetyoo’s online event software, several thousand people can visit your virtual trade fair at the same time. Even from abroad, your trade fair can be reached quickly and easily at the click of a mouse.

One-time exhibition experience

The visitors of your digital trade fair get a real event feeling. As avatars, they move around the virtual exhibition grounds, visit individual exhibition stands, the lounge, conference rooms or the virtual auditorium.

Interaction with visitors

Various communication tools are available for the exchange with trade fair visitors:

  • Group and individual chats
  • video chat
  • polls
  • Question and Answer Rounds

Hybrid fair in live streaming

During a live event, content is streamed in real time via the event platform. Visitors to the online trade fair can follow the live event virtually up close in the auditorium.

Lead detection / success measurement

There is a comprehensive reporting system for measuring the success of your trade fair. You can cluster visitors into groups or evaluate individual visitor data.

Security & Privacy made in Germany

The meetyoo software was developed in Germany and is hosted exclusively on servers in Germany. The employees are located in Mannheim and Berlin.

How the virtual trade fair works

Use virtual information and exhibition stands to inform your visitors about your company, your product or career opportunities, for example.

The exhibition stands are located in a virtual exhibition hall and are designed in the corporate design of your company. For cross-company events, each trade fair stand is designed separately.

Flexible modules give each exhibition stand an individual touch, for example the stand modules video screen or the document/download area.

At the virtual exhibition stands, a live chat enables the exchange between visitors and stand personnel (via text or video chat). Thanks to the high-performance technology, any number of people can be defined as contact persons and, depending on requirements, several hundred visitors can be informed simultaneously.

Visitors enter the online fair via a virtual entrance hall. Here, visitors get a first impression of the event, usually in the form of a welcome video with brief information on the course of the event.

The entrance hall is also always the central navigation point for exploring a trade fair: from here, trade fair visitors enter the exhibition hall(s) and the virtual auditorium. A central information stand offers every visitor personal assistance, for example when they need to reorient themselves.

Next to the entrance hall there is a virtual lounge where visitors can exchange information and network with each other.

The integration of social media such as LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter or Facebook supports simple and fast networking as well as the distribution of trade fair content via various channels.

The auditorium is a virtual space for lectures, symposia, discussions and panels. The presentation takes the form of videos.

The videos can be broadcast live from a studio or a presence fair (live streaming in real time). This is particularly recommended for hybrid events in order to convey the “real event feeling” to trade fair visitors.

Alternatively, previously saved videos can also be played in (On Demand).

In the virtual lecture room, the live video images of various webcams can also be transmitted. It makes sense to use them, for example, for a panel discussion in which experts from different locations are connected.

Online surveys, digital feedback forms and online tests are available to gather the mood and opinions of online trade fair visitors.

A chat function is available for questions from the audience to the audience. A live chat can start parallel to the lecture or immediately after the end of a lecture.

A moderator can accept the questions and give answers immediately via the chat or answer the collected and filtered questions via webcam after the presentation.

The big advantage of an online trade fair is the complete data acquisition of every single visitor.

Via a registration page, interested parties submit the data they have requested (e.g. company, position, areas of interest, previous knowledge, etc.).

All movements at the digital trade fair are recorded for this unique visitor profile. This includes the individual stands he visits, which information material he has viewed and downloaded, which presentations he has followed and more.

This data can be clustered into visitor groups or evaluated individually.

Simply export the data into your CRM system so that you can continue to work with the leads gained, including enriched data, later in the company.

Areas of application for online trade fairs

A variety of online trade fairs and other online event formats have already been implemented with meetyoo’s innovative online platform.

Here you will find a selection of applications for digital trade fairs and events.

Job & Career Fairs

  • recruiting and career events
  • fairs for industry leaders

Business Fairs

  • company presentations
  • employee events
  • kick-off events

Industry Fairs

  • product presentations
  • information events

Press & Marketing Events

  • virtual press conferences
  • marketing events (including lead generation)

Online Conferences

  • online congresses
  • conventions
  • events

Virtual Campus

  • online academy
  • eLearning
  • training sessions


“The format was brilliant and has huge potential.”

Under the title “CHRO VIRTUAL SUMMIT 2018”, the large virtual fair on all aspects of human resources took place on 29 May 2018. Supported by meetyoo and our subsidiary ubivent, HR leaders from all over the world came together online to listen to international presentations and exchange ideas. More than 5,000 participants from more than 100 countries registered for the English-language event.

Hybrid Event: The digital complement to your on-site event

At a hybrid event, online participants from all over the world are integrated live into their presence event. The increased reach allows even more guests to participate in your event, your event becomes more innovative and you protect the environment.

Do you have any questions?

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