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    Recruiting new employees is one of the key tasks in HR departments.
    It goes without saying that the most important thing here is choosing suitable new colleagues – but HR departments also have to keep one eye on the budget and ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently when hiring new personnel. meetyoo will support you with optimising your recruitment processes using innovative technologies. For example, you could hold an interactive virtual recruitment fair, phone or video interviews or an online assessment centre.

Advantages of using advanced communication technology for recruitment

  Companies have been fighting for the best employees for a long time now. Good candidates can often choose between several different offers – which is why you need to make your company look as attractive as possible. For young employees and IT specialists, this means working with the latest technology.

This means you can win them over during the application process with innovative tools, such as a virtual recruitment fair or an interactive assessment centre.

Particularly when positions need to be filled at short notice, it can be extremely stressful in the HR department. Appointments need to be arranged at the last minute and applicants and interviewers need to be brought together. A conference call or video conference offers you the greatest amount of flexibility with an applicant interview. Candidates and interviews can sit down wherever they are in the world and there is no need to travel. The same applies to digital applicant fairs and online assessment centres.

The technical requirements for candidates taking part in an interview are minimal. For a conference call, a normal phone (landline or mobile) is sufficient. For a video interview, all they need is a computer with an internet connection. They do not need to install any special software.

The same applies to applicants visiting virtual job fairs. They can take a look at what you have to offer using a standard internet browser without any special software.

meetyoo offers various solutions in line with your recruitment needs. Would a conference call be enough or do you also want to be able to look your applicants in the eye? Would you like to show an online presentation or image film during the interview?  Do you want to set up a complete digital applicant fair where you can present your company in a professional light and offer live chats with specialists, for example? Our product range provides flexible modules to meet the communication requirements of your HR department.

Using telecommunications solutions means no more unnecessary journeys – and not just for the applicant, but also for the interviewers, who may not all be based at the same site. In addition, the HR department does not have to reimburse the applicant’s potential travel or even accommodation costs. Last but not least, these solutions are the eco-friendly option as there are no unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Young employees and IT specialists in particular judge a company on the tools it uses. By utilising advanced communication tools, you are showing applicants that your company is at the forefront when it comes to technology. Our online tools can be adapted to match your company’s design, meaning that your brand is always recognisable.

Communication solutions for your recruitment process

You can use different communication solutions to really wow your candidates throughout your recruitment process.

Make your company look as attractive as possible at your own digital applicant fair. You can present different areas of the company, advertise specific vacancies and offer live presentations or even live chats.

The candidates can move around the digital career fair as if they were at a face-to-face event – only it takes up a lot less time because they just need to click on their mouse to look at the different pieces of information on offer.

Another advantage is that a digital fair does not have official opening hours so potential candidates can even browse through the information in the evening or at the weekend.

Invite the relevant candidates to an online assessment centre to check the potential employees’ credentials.

With our online training tool, you can prepare a test, carry out surveys and evaluate promptly after the test. Candidates can all take the test at the same time or at different times.

Increase awareness and the attractiveness of your company as an employer with specially designed HR marketing webinars.

In these webinars, you can introduce individual areas of the company, demonstrate the career path of trainees or present the company as a whole.

With live webinars, potential candidates have the option of asking questions using the integrated chat function. If you would prefer to offer webinars recorded in advance, it is essential that you provide contact details.

Other applications in the HR department

Employee information

With a conference call, you can inform all employees about important changes in the company at the same time, for example – just like in a traditional employee meeting. Video conferences can be used to provide appropriate support for individual departments during change management processes.
With short, regular company webcasts, you will keep your employees in the know and improve staff retention at the same time. You can find more communication solutions for informing employees via this link.

Online training

Do you regularly plan training sessions for your employees? Use our webinar tools to train and educate your team. You have the option of integrating multimedia formats such as video clips, images or audio files as well as online presentations or the (live) video.

Test questions during the training session check the participants’ level of knowledge. Once the participants have completed the training successfully, you can give them a digital certificate to show that they have passed the test.

Online conference

With an online conference, you can also show presentations, documents or videos alongside the audio. Attendees can simply follow the conference in a web browser and ask questions using the chat function.

The user interface of the conference mask can be adapted to match the company’s branding if you wish.

Management conference

Company managers often work more than 40 hours a week. Using virtual conferences relieves the burden on these resources and helps make efficient use of the working hours.

In addition to live events, the conferences can be recorded as an on-demand version so that they can be retrieved on the intranet, for example.

Costs for Recruiting with meetyoo


Conference call / online conference for up to 200 participants (moderated)

From 280€

per event plus tax

  • 60 conference minutes included
  • Q&A session
  • MP3 audio recording included
  • Attendees can dial in from Germany
  • Event registration
  • Event password
  • Live chat for questions
  • Share presentations
  • Share desktop and applications
  • Event description
  • Whiteboard
  • Webcam

Audio and video stream for up to 10,000 participants (moderated)

Price on request

  • 120 minutes of live streaming
  • On-demand version available for 12 months
  • Branding
  • Extensive reporting
  • Webcast management and support
  • Synchronised slide presentation
  • Q&A session
  • Polls and surveys
  • File storage
  • Webcam
  • Video clip
  • Screen sharing
  • Webcast as video (MP4)
Virtual Career Fair

The event platform for outstanding online events

Price on request

  • For up to 10,000 participants
  • Presentation sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Individual branding
  • Live video streaming
    (with webcam)
  • Individual and group chat
  • Whiteboard
  • Video and audio files sharing
  • Lectures / Panel discussions
  • User forums
  • Integrated Job advertisements

Customer examples

„The format was brilliant and has huge potential.“

On 29 May 2018, the world’s largest virtual human resources exhibition – CHRO VIRTUAL SUMMIT 2018 – opened its (virtual) doors. Supported by meetyoo, HR leaders from all over the world came together online to listen to international talks and discuss topics with one another. More than 5000 attendees from over 100 countries registered for the English-speaking event. We would be thrilled to put together a bespoke virtual recruitment fair for you.

The HR Congress – interview with Mihaly Nagy

In the past, events, conferences and traditional trade fairs have followed a traditional formula. The main aim of these was to bring people from certain industries together so that they could share ideas, make contacts and extend their horizons.

However, with a progressive type of event, you can reach people with no restrictions, like time or location, and therefore achieve a higher degree of personalisation and expertise. Mihaly Nagy, founder of The HR Congress and the CHRO Virtual Congress, answers these questions in our interview.

Our Customers

  • "We have used the audio conference service for many years, and meetyoo is a reliable and competent partner. As a TÜV-certified company, security is a top priority for meetyoo. Equally impressive are their high standards of personal and professional service, along with a high level of flexibility."

    Thomas Fischer - Head of Group Organisation & Security for Commerzbank

  • "Being in the telecommunications sector ourselves, we have an important responsibility to other telecommunications providers. We are glad that meetyoo is a partner we can rely on."

    Arne Thull - Head of Investor Relations at QSC AG

  • "On the search for a reliable and quality-oriented specialist for audio conferences, O2 found in meetyoo a very competent service provider - we were particularly convinced by the high level of security available."

    Johannes Pruchnow - Managing Director Business at Telefonica Germany

  • "We highly appreciate the personal service meetyoo offers, as well as the high quality and wide product range that always provides the right solutions for the most diverse requirements."

    Alexander Pöschl - Specialist Investor Relations at Grammer AG

  • "When it's urgent and has to be done now, everybody in the PR MarCom Team can organise and deploy a audio conference in just minutes. And with just a few clicks!"

    Melanie Heßler - Managing Director for PR MarCom Media Relations

  • "As a young and strongly growing company we use meetyoo regularly for audio conferences and Webcasts. What convinced us was the simple process, the transparent pricing model and above all the good service!"

    Andreas Altheimer - Co-Founder of applicant tracking software Prescreen

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