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Our customizable digital events are a sophisticated online solution set within an intuitive point-and-click interface for large-scale events such as virtual trade shows, congresses, exhibitions, career fairs, and more.

Let an expert guide your planning process and create the ultimate virtual event experience for you and your audience. Say goodbye to exhausting video calls and online streaming platforms with limited customization options. Our virtual environments can elevate your content presentation and take your audience anywhere – if you can imagine it, our team of digital architects can design it.

  • Managed service that covers project management, design customization, and webcast streaming 
  • Fully customizable large-scale digital events for up to 50,000 simultaneous participants
  • Auditoriums with live presentations, real-time polling, and Q&As
  • Virtual exposition halls with branding opportunities and interactive booths for exhibitors
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The premium all-in-one platform

Design example for a customate Outdoors Entrance Area
Outstanding customization
MEETYOO Pro is perfect if you want to strengthen your brand message, incorporate sponsors, and invite exhibitors. Collaborate with an experienced project manager to out an event plan which identifies all areas, features, and designs that are required to tailor a virtual event to your specific needs. Integrate custom designs and content to create additional revenue streams through sponsoring. Engage with your audience via Q&As, polls, and breakout sessions.

Virtual event visitors will be impressed by the unique digital landscapes which can replicate real places, or show made-up and even completely abstract worlds. Your job is coming up with the vision – our job is making sure it becomes reality.

Networking Area
Networking and interaction
We offer all market-proven communication tools you need to support interactive communication and networking between digital event participants.
  • Private chat rooms and public group chats
  • Private video calls (with up to 5 participants)
  • Open video conferencing lounges
  • Real-time polls and Q&As
  • Virtual event platform with breakout rooms
L’Oréal Showfloor Exhibitor Booth Event Design
Visitor retention and sales
Get creative to strengthen your existing customer relationships and generate new leads. Exhibitors can use their virtual booth within the exposition area to build a rapport with visitors by using personal avatars of booth staff members. Digital avatars can be based on individual images or clips of real people and are great for interpersonal communication.

Inform visitors and showcase your products or content in various ways: A video screen at the booth, within a multimedia library, or with a detailed 3D product viewer. Booth interactions such as chats and video calls help successfully generate leads and can be used to direct visitors towards specific booth content and media. All user behavior, booth content downloads, and general statistics of the trade show can be evaluated in real-time and after the virtual event has ended. Individual reports make it easy to analyze and process contacts for lead generation and ABC lead scoring.

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Packed with powerful digital features

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True to life
We strive to provide digital events which are as close to traditional on-location experiences as possible. This is reflected in the architecture of the environments in the MEETYOO Pro event platform. The digital entrance hall welcomes visitors and acts as the central navigation hub of a virtual event – it leads to all available  virtual conference rooms, exhibition halls, and auditoriums.

The immersive designs are rendered in 3D and integrated into the platform as high-quality 2D backdrops for interactive elements and chat rooms. Workshops, group discussions and virtual networking lounges via our integrated video conferencing solution create a shared sense of community.

Happy People in front of a Laptop as a symbol for the virtual event entertainment
Virtual event entertainment
There are several features that can add elements of virtual event gamification. Promoting virtual event engagement is an important part of creating a memorable online experience. Quizzes, votes, polls, or raffles can be incorporated in the event design. These activities can be connected with a reward for a few selected winners or high score holders to increase the participants’ motivation to explore the platform and interact with other users and exhibitors.
Outdoor area for commercial virtual conferences
Commercial virtual conferences
Virtual trade show booths and virtual showrooms are the best space to present company details, products, portfolios, documents or current job openings. The exhibition booths are located within the digital exhibition halls and can be adjusted to reflect your or your exhibitors’ corporate designs – based on templates, or completely individual.

Booths contain many elements which make it possible to effectively highlight and share information, this includes video screen integration and media libraries that allow downloads within the digital event. Live chats allow visitors to communicate directly with the booth personnel via text or video in public or private rooms.

Auditorium stream team meeting
Premium webcast streams
The auditorium of a digital event is a virtual space for lectures, symposia, discussions and panels. These presentations take place in the form of videos and webcast integrations into the platform. Live streams can be broadcast as webcasts from a studio or directly from the stage of a corresponding on-location event. This is a great option for people who are planning a hybrid event, which combines a digital live event and a corresponding physical event.

Pre-recorded videos or webcasts can be integrated into the platform and “premiere” at a specific time according to your agenda. If you would like to integrate a panel discussion, a multiple webcam webcast can be used. The virtual event is followed by an on-demand period which makes all of the video and exhibition content available for another month.

MEETYOO Pro smartphone mockup with registration page
Virtual participant management
An event’s success depends on pre-event management and visitor generation. We provide the tools. This includes the creation of a detailed registration page, the preparation of email reminders, digital event invites, and the integration of virtual event ticketing systems. With email automation, registered attendees can be contacted easily: Participant activation and lead generation start at this point.
Two women sitting in front of the Reporting Preview of MEETYOO
Lead scoring & detailed reports
On your individual registration page for your digital event, you can use profile fields to collect data which is of particular interest to you (e.g. company, position, email, phone number, areas of interest, previous experience, etc.). General reports and statistics are supplemented by unique visitor profiles which show the length of time users spent at booths, watching videos and interacting with the rest of the content. This data can be clustered into visitor groups or evaluated individually.

You can export the data and analyze it at a later point. With an API connection, we can easily integrate the data into your CRM and sales automation software of choice. A virtual event rally can also be used to add more fun to an event while also generating leads which fit pre-defined requirements. Virtual Event analytics will make it easier to select candidates with specific scores and convert them into leads. 

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Outstanding service and support

The MEETYOO promise stands for ease of mind. You don't need to worry about the technical part of things. Our project management team offers full support, leaving you to focus on event planning.

Excellent data security

We provide premium data security made in Germany. Our services are ISO-certified and 100% GDPR compliant. We exceed the cybersecurity expectations of multinationals, banks, and federal offices. Data processing contracts and security audits are also available.

Included 24/7 support

Our dedicated project managers are there to consult you and create your ultimate event experience. They will also host training sessions and provide technical support, ensuring the success of your event. Our multilingual support team is available around the clock, should any additional issues arise. 

Optimal audience reach

With MEETYOO's online event software you can host digital summits for over 50,000 people at the same time. The virtual event can be accessed quickly and easily by attendees from all over the world – no need to download any additional software. 

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Creating the virtual events of your dreams

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“When everyone sits alone in their home-offices, MEETYOO helped us to connect, engage, interact and have fun with our employees while sharing important organizational information and driving our business forward. Not only did MEETYOO help us realise our challenging vision, delighting our audience and other stakeholders, but it also managed to maintain an incredible level of customer service, professionalism, and superior performance.”

Viktorie Janackova, Senior Communications Specialist



“I can proudly say that our collaboration with MEETYOO has exceeded our expectations. Everything went smoothly. We couldn't have been more satisfied with the service we received from MEETYOO. The employees work very efficiently and passionately on their projects, and we look forward to using their services for our small and medium-sized events. We can highly recommend MEETYOO as an organizer of virtual events. "

Allana Müller, Education and Events Director

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“The TA Lab was an unprecedented edition, not only held virtually for the first time, but furthermore aligned with the stakes of ‘The New Now’: diversity & inclusion, digital transformation & data acceleration, sustainability at the core, and COVID context. The collaboration with MEETYOO was a pioneering experience, rewarding to work on. We enjoyed the team spirit of meetyoo during the project, from design to delivery. The TA LAB generated positive internal buzz, leading other L’Oréal departments to follow on developing their own online events with MEETYOO.”

Cécile Thao, HR project director at Talent Acquisition International

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“MEETYOO has been very easy, and pleasant to work with over this project. In a time when everyone is busy and workloads are increasing due to COVID-19, they fit our event into their schedule and provided support when needed. I would absolutely work with meetyoo again and look forward to our next project.”

Carolyn Barr, International Relations Officer
Leiden University

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