• Press conferences – virtual, hybrid or live stream

    Press conferences have gone virtual – and you can choose between an entirely virtual conference or a hybrid version.

    By hybrid, we mean that the actual event is broadcast virtually (in parts) to attendees who could not be at the event. Attendees can still interact with the organiser and ask questions, for example.

    You can broadcast your event as a simple conference call or as an online conference and, if you want to broadcast your actual press conference online to increase reach, our live stream solution is the ideal option. 

Advantages of a virtual press conference

A virtual press conference saves a considerable amount of resources, particularly in terms of the expenses required to cover the journalists’ and media representatives’ travel, accommodation and catering. There are also savings for the attendees too – most notably, they do not waste their valuable working time travelling. 

And don’t forget that a virtual press conference is much more eco-friendly, just like all virtual events. The fact that there is no need to travel means that CO2 emissions are significantly reduced. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg – there are numerous other benefits of holding a press or media conference virtually.

When a press conference is being held entirely virtually, it can take place practically anywhere. Companies are no longer tied to fixed rooms. And attendees can also take part in the conference wherever they are (with an internet connection or a landline). 

This means that journalists and media representatives are also able to participate in a virtual press conference more spontaneously than in a face-to-face event, as the event is not tied to a particular location.

Whether you’re holding a conference call or an online conference, your audience can participate from anywhere in the world. This increases the potential reach of the company communication enormously.

The number of attendees is no longer limited by the size of the conference room and the number of available places. meetyoo’s scalable online conferencing platform can greatly extend the reach of the event and allows people to join spontaneously.

In addition to the audio, presentations, various documents, recorded videos and a live video stream can also be shared if needed.

A press conference always ends with a Q&A session after the information has been presented. Virtual press conference has several tools that can be used to gather and answer questions, moderate and collect feedback from the audience.

Depending on the technology, attendees can ask questions on the phone or via the chat feature. Live surveys can also be generated and evaluated almost immediately during the event.

Having the option to pre-screen questions that have been submitted is hugely advantageous. An assistant receives the questions, compiles them if necessary and prepares them for the speaker. 

Increase the reach of your press conference after it has finished by opening access to the recorded event online, for example on your own website. Journalists who could not attend the press conference can simply check out the content via a link.

All you need to take part in a conference call or online conference is a phone (or – for an online conference – a computer or smartphone with an internet connection)

Different conference formats

Depending on the requirements, different conference formats can be used for a virtual press conference.

Conference call / online conference

People located off-site can participate in the press conference via a conference call. When you combine a conference call with an online conference, you can also show presentations, applications or videos alongside the audio. What’s more, the interface can be adapted to match your company’s branding.

Participants can simply follow the conference on their computer or smartphone and put forward individual questions in Q&A sessions after the press conference. This is possible even during the conference thanks to the live chat feature of meetyoo’s conference platform

Separate conference rooms can be used for exclusive queries so that the conversation is not automatically shared with everyone attending the session – think of it like a drinks reception where you’re able to ask questions and have discussions.


Your entire (face-to-face) press conference is live-streamed online and can be watched on any internet-enabled device. One real advantage here is that there is no need to download or install anything.

In addition to the presentation and audio, a video image of the speaker can also be streamed. Your webcast’s user interface is adapted to match your corporate design (branding), plus there are various interactive features available for your conference, such as surveys, polls and Q&A sessions. We will support you before, during and after your webcast is aired and provide an on-demand recording online after the event.


Virtual meeting environment

With the virtual event platform from meetyoo, you can organise virtual press conferences or shareholder meetings, where participants can move around as if they were at a real-life event. They can follow talks and presentations in a virtual auditorium and get more information or ‘meet’ your IR representatives at information booths. You can interact with your audience via the video or text chat features, meaning that you can collect and answer individual questions live or later on. Talks can be recorded on request and viewed on-demand in the auditorium, both during and after the event. 

You have complete freedom when it comes to the layout of your virtual environment and can build each element to meet your requirements, from the entrance hall and information booths right through to the auditorium, networking centre and library. On top of all this, everything will match your own branding, creating a consistent and professional corporate identity.

Holding a virtual press conference

We will advise you on which event format – i.e. which type of presentation – is suitable for your press conference. Do you just need an audio conference or do you want to give an online presentation? Or perhaps you want the entire press conference to be live streamed online? Do you want to give the virtual attendees the opportunity to interact? 

We will help you find the solution which will allow you to make the most of your press conference. 

Once you have decided on the technology and have a rough idea of the content, you can invite attendees to the event.

You’ve sorted the date, content and type of presentation – now you can invite the journalists and media representatives. With a virtual press conference, it is vital that the relevant access details are passed on.

We will support you when it comes to managing attendees and will create a registration page if necessary so that journalists can be authorised online. In addition, the access details and schedule will be sent out once all the relevant information has been retrieved.

Before the conference, we will also send an e-mail reminder with a brief guide about how the online event will work.

To ensure that the virtual press conference runs smoothly, we will test the entire technical process, including playing a presentation or videos, incorporating live streams, checking the quality of the audio connection, etc.

If necessary, we will also dispatch a professional AV team to provide technical support on-site.

The speaker will receive coaching with a focus on the distinctive features of a virtual press conference. On top of this, you will also discuss the schedule with the meetyoo operator in charge of your event so that they can coordinate the Q&A sessions, work out the best way for questions to be submitted and help you decide whether the questions need to be pre-screened.

If you wish to make informative material available to download (e.g. a digital press kit), we will make sure that the information is ready in the virtual conference room in good time before the event.

When you greet the attendees, we recommend acknowledging how great it is to have virtual attendees, even if it is a mixed press conference (hybrid). You should explain the key functions, such as enlarging the presentation, calling up chats or how the Q&A sessions will work.

A meetyoo operator will be on hand during the entire presentation – either physically or online. They will support you (or your co-moderator) with holding the Q&A sessions. Depending on the presentation format, live surveys can also be generated and evaluated. 

Attendees can put forward questions via the audio line or using the chat function. A visual signal will show you which attendee wishes to ask a question – as if they have put their hand up. By registering attendees in advance, they can be displayed automatically with their name.

The main advantage of virtual events is that you can look at and sort questions about your virtual press conference before answering them. This means that you can prepare properly for each question and won’t get any unpleasant surprises during the live press conference. If necessary, you can also answer individual questions in separate ‘sub-conferences’.

These are also ideal for smaller expert sessions so that you can share exclusive information not included in the accompanying press release for all journalists with a select few.

We at meetyoo can also help out with the follow-up work and the final evaluation of your press conference. Using the list of attendees, we will show you which journalists took part in your virtual event, who left the conference early and which information was downloaded.

Depending on the profile of the attendee, you can offer more detailed information or an individual interview together with the extensive press release.

If the press conference was recorded, a link to the on-demand version can be sent to the journalists who couldn’t make it on the day. You can also advertise the recording on your website. The great thing about this is that the entire press conference is available to view at a later date in the original wording.

As a result of all this, you are not only giving interested parties all the information they need, but also showing transparency, technological expertise and a contemporary image. Depending on the requirements, different conference formats can be used for a virtual press conference.

Depending on requirements, different conference formats can be used for a virtual press conference.

Prices for virtual press conferences

BusinessMeeting Flat

Conference call / online conference for up to 25 participants (self-administrated)


per month / conference room plus VAT

  • Flat rate for conferences
  • Can be cancelled on a monthly basis with no additional costs
  • International dial-in numbers for an additional charge
  • Manage your conference online
  • Share you screen and files
  • Webcam stream
  • Plan and send invites with Outlook
  • Record the conference call
  • Chat

Conference call / online conference for up to 200 participants (moderated)

From 280€

per event plus VAT

  • 60 conference minutes included
  • Q&A session
  • MP3 audio recording included
  • Attendees can dial in from Germany
  • Event registration
  • Event password
  • Live chat for questions
  • Share presentations
  • Share desktop and applications
  • Event description
  • Whiteboard
  • Webcam

Audio and video stream for up to 10,000 participants (moderated)

Price on Request

  • 120 minutes of live streaming
  • On-demand version available for 12 months (archived)
  • Branding
  • Extensive reporting
  • Webcast management and support
  • Synchronised slide presentation
  • Q&A session
  • Polls and surveys
  • File storage
  • Webcam
  • Video Clip
  • Screen sharing
  • Webcast as video (MP4)

Our Customers

  • "We have used the audio conference service for many years, and meetyoo is a reliable and competent partner. As a TÜV-certified company, security is a top priority for meetyoo. Equally impressive are their high standards of personal and professional service, along with a high level of flexibility."

    Thomas Fischer - Head of Group Organisation & Security for Commerzbank

  • "Being in the telecommunications sector ourselves, we have an important responsibility to other telecommunications providers. We are glad that meetyoo is a partner we can rely on."

    Arne Thull - Head of Investor Relations at QSC AG

  • "On the search for a reliable and quality-oriented specialist for audio conferences, O2 found in meetyoo a very competent service provider - we were particularly convinced by the high level of security available."

    Johannes Pruchnow - Managing Director Business at Telefonica Germany

  • "We highly appreciate the personal service meetyoo offers, as well as the high quality and wide product range that always provides the right solutions for the most diverse requirements."

    Alexander Pöschl - Specialist Investor Relations at Grammer AG

  • "When it's urgent and has to be done now, everybody in the PR MarCom Team can organise and deploy a audio conference in just minutes. And with just a few clicks!"

    Melanie Heßler - Managing Director for PR MarCom Media Relations

  • "As a young and strongly growing company we use meetyoo regularly for audio conferences and Webcasts. What convinced us was the simple process, the transparent pricing model and above all the good service!"

    Andreas Altheimer - Co-Founder of applicant tracking software Prescreen

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