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    Carry out online trainings for your in-house teams or offer them to your customers as an external service provider. Use all the features of meetyoo’s online training software to your advantage. Create an engaging face-to-face atmosphere of a live event. Whether you hold regular online courses or are looking for a complete e-learning platform, meetyoo has exactly what you need to provide trainings for your employees and customers.

Advantages of online training

You can participate in online training using a computer, tablet or even a smartphone. All you need is an internet connection and a standard internet browser.

Participants do not need special software, meaning that meetyoo solutions also meet the requirements of mLearning (mobile learning).

One advantage of the internet is that you can potentially reach a very large audience with your online trainings. In fact, depending on the software solution, you can reach up to 10,000 participants simultaneously – all over the world.

Visual aids are a great way to structure the information and make the learning process smoother. With meetyoo’s platform, you can use a variety of formats to design your online courses:
• PowerPoint presentations
• Diagrams
• Virtual whiteboard
• Audio and video clips
• Web content (view web pages together via co-browsing)

When holding an online learning session, you can stream a live video of the tutor in a smaller window parallel to the presentation. For smaller online courses, the video streams of all participants can be broadcasted simultaneously, making participants feel like they’re in a virtual classroom. This adds a nice personal touch to the whole event.

Our online training software provides numerous ways of interacting with your audience. One example of this is that participants can post questions in group or individual chats. With small online courses, you can also enable a simultaneous voice chat for all participants. This way they will be able to ask questions to the tutor directly.
When the number of participants is too high, you can use Q&A sessions. They allow you better control of the process by giving permissions to individual participants to speak one at a time.

Survey tools can also be used to request, gather and evaluate immediate feedback from the participants. Besides that, with the e-learning platform, you can incorporate forums where participants can discuss matters among themselves or with the help of their tutors.

Online tests can be carried out to check whether the participants have successfully learned the content. The results of these tests can be checked, evaluated and displayed immediately. Once a participant has successfully completed a session or a final exam, they can be issued with a certificate.

Whether you’re making an online seminar or a complete e-learning platform, you can design the user interface in accordance with your own brand guidelines.

You have the option to record live online training sessions so that people can access their content later, if they didn’t have time to participate on the actual date.

Alternatively, you can prepare online training sessions in an on-demand format only. They will be available via the internet (or intranet) at any time right after you upload them to the platform.

Using online training is an excellent way to conserve resources:
Firstly, the participants and the organisers do not have to get to a venue, meaning that there are no travel expancise.
Secondly, there is neither need to search for an adequate location nor to pay rent for it.
Finally, online trainings are eco-friendly, as in this case there are no CO2 emissions caused by transport while getting to the event.

As a German service provider, we work in accordance to the German data protection regulations.

We have also been certified to ISO/IEC 27001 since 2012, which stands as a proof that meetyoo offers the very highest standards in terms of information security.

Here you will find more information about our security concept.

Solutions for online training

With online training or coaching, the main focus is on an intensive dialogue between the tutor and the participant(s). Online training sessions often have a small number of participants so that communication can run smoothly and the tutor can adapt the content to the participants’ needs.

The participants can see the live videos of the other participants and the tutor (if desired and if web cams are available).

Through support of a audio-visual communication meetyoo’s solution is also suitable for holding online coaching sessions (for example video coaching or language training).

In an online seminar – also known as a webinar – the tutor presents prepared content over the web. Thanks to advanced broadcasting technology, different multimedia formats can also be transmitted to a large number of participants simultaneously – including a live video stream of the tutor.

The participants can ask questions during the webinar using the chat feachure or during a Q&A session. In addition, the integrated survey tool means that you can gather and evaluate feedback from the participants immediately.

Last but not least, you have the option to record the webinar so that the content of the lesson can be retrieved online at any time afterwards (on-demand).

With the e-learning software, you get the most comprehensive toolset for online trainings. You can even set up an entire virtual academy.

Our e-learning tools have a lot to offer. You can provide virtual teaching, prepared training videos and live lectures, plus there are numerous communication tools that allow the participants to interact with the organiser and with one another.

We use the most up-to-date technology, which means that up to 10,000 people can simultaneously take part in the course at your virtual academy and take full advantage of your content without any losses to the transmission quality.

Packages for online training


For smaller web sessions, online trainings and coachings

  • up to 35 participants
  • Presentation sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Group chat
  • Integrated conference call


Virtual seminar room with multimedia integration and your corporate branding

  • For up to 200 participants
  • Presentation sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Live video streaming
    (with webcam)
  • Individual and group chat
  • Whiteboard
  • Video and audio files sharing
  • Survey tools
  • Webinar recording

Virtual academy

Virtual academy with lecterns, forums and live training sessions branded according to your corporate design.

  • For up to 10,000 participants
  • Presentation sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Live video streaming
    (with webcam)
  • Individual and group chat
  • Whiteboard
  • Video and audio files sharing
  • Lectures / Panel discussions
  • User forums
  • Integrated knowledge bases and Learning units

Other ways to use online presentation tools in your company

Online training is just one of many applications that you can implement with meetyoo’s solutions. In fact, there are numerous other ways you can use them for your benefit:

Press conference

A press conference can now be held entirely online – or you can use an online presentation at the same time as the traditional press conference. This means that journalists and media representatives are able to follow the press conference, even when they are not there.

Employee information

Use online presentations to keep your employees up to date with the latest company developments and to get the opportunity to answer their questions.

Career fairs

On a virtual conference platform, you can also hold career fairs, where prospective employees can get an overview of the company, information on its fields of activity, training programmes and opportunities for personal development.

Lead generation

With the help of internet based marketing webinars or webcasts, you can reach a wide audience. You can promote your company or product, have discussions with interested parties and get valuable customer insights. What’s more, you can generate new leads and strengthen existing customer contacts.

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