BurdaLife is writing history: Germany’s first virtual health fair!

  • Reaching the target group innovatively beyond the traditional channels
  • Confidential exchange with doctors
  • Concept should also be available as communication plattform for other partners

About BurdaLife

Company: BurdaLife
Employees: 10.000+
Industry: Print Media


Field: Health sector
Product used: ubivent

"A virtual health fair needs to offer unique content and a real added benefit over and above all the information about health that’s already on the internet. That is why the consultations with a total of nine surgeons and medical experts were the core focus of the Mylife health fair."

Kay Labinsky - CEO of BurdaLife


Human health is an essential and sensitive topic. Many patients want detailed information on specific topics but don’t have the time or financial resources to ask a doctor from outside their immediate environment. To counter this problem and give patients the opportunity to learn all about innovative and gentle surgical technologies, the first virtual health fair was created by the media group BurdaLife together with the innovative medical technology manufacturer Richard Wolf. 


Patients and experts from the surgical department were invited to this first-ever purely virtual trade fair focused on health.  An explanatory video gave them a guided tour of the fair, and participants could find out about the individual consulting options in an overview of experts. Another area of the virtual exhibition site was the Showfloor, where various indicators and surgical methods were on display. At the stands, interview videos provided answers to the most important questions concerning the specialist fields. However, the highlight of the virtual trade fair was a special feature in the personal profile of each participant: with a few clicks, participants were able to upload photos or documents of their diagnoses and then discuss them in a private live chat with the appropriate doctor. 


With Germany’s first virtual health fair, BurdaLife, together with the company Richard Wolf GmbH, set new standards in the field of communication in the medical sector and created real added value for both the experts and the patients. With the collaboration of meetyoo, this innovative trade fair format made it possible to ensure the cost-effective, sustainable exchange of information: interested persons were able to take part in the event in the simplest way possible, from their own homes, and to learn about their health in detail.