Training in the social sector carried out with the AudioEvent by meetyoo

  • AudioEvents for external further education
  • Efficient employee information
  • Including certificates of participation

About pme

Institution: pme Familienservice Group
Employees: ca. 900
Industry: Employee Support


Field: Employee Support Programs
Products used: AudioEvent

"We can always rely on the fact that even during evening hours there are enough operators available to place a considerable number of participants onto the conference on time."


For more than 6 years, the pme Familienservice Group has relied on the telephone conference service of meetyoo as an innovative teaching method for training courses in the social sector. When pme was looking for possibilities to use a telephone conference for further training on an external level, the decision was also made in favour of the Berlin conference provider, which had already convinced with its products for employee conferences. With the AudioEvent product pme found at meetyoo an efficient alternative to the previous presence events and lectures.


In addition to the usual further training measures, e.g. on stress management, burn-out prevention and bilingual child education, larger projects are also carried out via meetyoo’s audio events – one of these is employee information for multi-generation houses. All registered participants receive an email with a calendar file and the required dial-in information to ensure punctual a dial-in process.


The aim of these telephone conferences is to provide employees with sound knowledge so that they can later provide qualified information. In order to ensure that all information has been correctly recorded, a Q&A session initiated by meetyoo is held at the end of the conference call. Subsequently, pme receives a detailed list of participants showing who participated for how long, so that participation certificates or certificates may be issued.