Benefit from online events: innovative technology for virtual Meetups

  • Effective customer information
  • Including video streaming, live surveys, chats and Q&A
  • Maximum reach & on-demand version available online

About ProjectRoom

Company: ProjectRoom
Employees: 25+
Industry: Labour Market


Field: Job Platform
Product uced: Webcast

"With meetyoo, we were finally able to offer an online event in addition to our on-location meetups in Berlin - something our customers and our community have been requesting for a long time."

Stefanie Feder - Founder of ProjectRoom


Establishing simple and effective channels for communication with customers and prospects is of central importance for service providers in all fields – this includes the HR company ProjectRoom. As part of an information event for HR experts and recruiters, ProjectRoom opted for a meetyoo webcast, including features such as video streaming, live surveys, chats, and Q&A – in this way, the reach of the information event was extended successful.


The solution provided by meetyoo was an informative and interactive meeting on the topic “AI in recruiting – opportunities for the future world of work”, which could successfully reach all participants regardless of time and place. The event was live and afterwards also available on demand, as all webcasts of meetyoo remain available online up to 3 months later.


Thanks to the webcast, participants did not have to travel and were able to attend the virtual meeting via their own desktops and stay in touch with the ProjectRoom team via the live chat feature. Customers all over Germany were
able to directly get in touch with ProjectRoom thanks to the various tools which were included in meetyoo’s webcast package. The combination of professional service and interactivity added to the events personal nature and received overall positive feedback from its participants.