The Virtual IT Job Fair: Innovative personnel marketing & recruiting

  • Efficient employee information
  • Positive, pro-active feedback by the audience and exhibitors
  • Maximum reach

About JobLeads

Company: JobLeads GmbH
Employees: 3000+
Industry: IT


Field: Recruiting
Product used: ubivents

"With the format of the virtual career fairs on meetyoo's ubivent platform, we are looking to the future and offer participants and exhibitors, both, real added value. We are already looking forward to the next joint online career fairs with meetyoo!"

Martin Schmidt - CEO of JobLeads


In contrast to on-location career days which mostly focus on a specific region, a virtual recruiting day allows the exhibiting companies to present themselves to a larger and even international audience. These days, many
job applicants use the internet as their primary source of information and are often willing to search for jobs nationwide. In response to this development, the Hamburg-based premium recruiting platform JobLeads created the Virtual IT Job Fair, which makes information about companies and career opportunities in the IT sector available.


The career fair has been held regularly for several years now and gives employers the opportunity to address a broad audience and at the same time familiarise themselves with the exhibiting companies. The highlight, however, is the live chat: Visitors can chat with the exhibitor’s booth personnel directly at the virtual booth and also ask detailed questions.


The virtual IT job fair has established itself as the largest online career fair for IT specialists in German-speaking countries and regularly welcomes numerous well-known exhibitors. Following the conclusion of a successful cooperation, there is an interest in continuing to realise online career fairs with meetyoo in the future.