Work Research Conference & Virtual World Tour 2018: Around the world in 24 hours

  • 24-hour streaming around the globe
  • Webcast interface with corporate branding
  • Hybrid quality with events on-site and online

About Fraunhofer 

Institution: Fraunhofer IAO
Employees: ca. 600
Industry: Research


Field: Research and Development
Products used: Virtual Event/ Webcast

"meetyoo has proven to be a highly reliable partner for the implementation of new conferencing formats. The Fraunhofer IAO considers meetyoo to be an optimal partner for the successful application of innovative digital formats for the transfer of knowledge and research marketing. The motto of the collaboration was: as much experimentation as possible while maintaining a maximum probability of success."

Karin Hamann - Projectmanagement, Fraunhofer IAO


The Fraunhofer IAO was commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research to host a conference on the topic of “Working Environments of the Future” at the end of the 2018 Science Year. The on-site conference took place in Stuttgart and was attended by approx. 500 participants. In addition, a “Virtual World Tour” was organized to round off the 2018 research year with a special event.


The Virtual World Tour presented an exciting challenge in the area of so-called hybrid events. Over 24 hours – parallel to the on-site conference in Stuttgart – 12 research institutions from 8 different time zones were able to present current research results and their views on the working environments of the future via live streams. meetyoo’s expertise in the practical implementation of such events was therefore essential for the organisation of a successful Virtual World Tour, which highlighted a promising conference format as part of the working environment of the future.


The Virtual World Tour was the first cooperation between Fraunhofer IAO and meetyoo, and was initially designed as an exclusive format. After a close and successful cooperation, however, there is interest in jointly realising further digital events in the future.