Simple & intuitive – the virtual usability fair for small and medium-sized enterprises

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  • Supported by the Federal Ministry
    for economy and energy
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About BITMi

Organisation: Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (BITMi)
Industry: IT


Field: IT professional association
Product used: ubivents

"Due to its high usability, meetyoo‘s platform for digital events was ideally suited for hosting the event as online fair. This format is perfect for our target group, which is located all over Germany and beyond."

Martin Hubschneider - VP and board member of BITMi


As an association especially for medium-sized German software companies, it makes sense that BITMi chose meetyoo to help organise an online trade fair on the topic of “Simply intuitive – usability for medium-sized companies”. This initiative to strengthen the usability expertise of medium-sized companies was developed during the “KompUEterchen4KMU” project as part of a support initiative by Mittelstand Digital and supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. Projects dealing with the topic of usability from all over Germany were brought together at this virtual trade fair.


On the day of the fair, participants were able to attend the virtual fair on meetyoo’s platform for ubivents after registering for free. Here they could learn about the research results of the 12 exhibiting usability projects at the exhibition booths. In addition they could watch videos, access documents, as well as have direct discussions with experts via the live chat feature. Anybody looking for a personal discussion or with questions on specific topics, could contact experts immediately.


A main opportunity for interaction was offered by the lounge chat in the entrance hall. There all participants of the virtual fair were able to exchange information about general topics around usability and make new contacts. Due to the multitude of interactive possibilities, the average visitor spent more than two and a half hours at the congress – proof of the efficiency of the online event format.