Connecting people with hybrid events

  • Geographically independent: On the day of the conference the number of participants was doubled by the live stream
  • Positive, proactive feedback from participants
  • Maximum reach: On-demand event available at any time

About the Conscious Capitalism

Company: Conscious Capitalism, Inc.
number of participants: 400

Application case

Event: Conference with additional digital event
Product used: ubivent

"The meetyoo approach worked great! The fantastic team was a great help with project management and marketing strategy and also offered technical advice. Even our guests and customers were informed about how to use the platform in the best possible way. In this way, we were able to significantly expand the reach of this event."

Meike Nittel - Co-founder of CCEC 2019 and head of the committee


The aim was to create an event that moves and influences the way business practices are conducted in Europe in general. Participants were able to attend the keynotes on site in Berlin and online via livestream on meetyoo’s virtual event platform. The conference in Berlin offered a day full of presentations for 200 people on site and this group was to be enlarged.


An additional online broadcast was planned to turn the physical event into a hybrid event. This enabled CCEC 2019 to reach the global community, avoiding scheduling overlaps or additional travel costs.



The virtual event was a great addition to the on-site event and helped to inspire as many people as possible. The online stream reached over 250 additional participants, doubling the number of attendees.