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Our Customers from the Financial Services Industry

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With the help of our webcasts and virtual ubivents, you can communicate important information and evaluations directly, digitally and visually to your customers and stakeholders. In this way you can successfully and easily increase the reach of your information events and at the same time reduce your organisational effort.

Learn more about how meetyoos digital solutions can significantly increase the innovative output of your company in the financial services sector.

Event solutions made easy

Press Conference

Reach out and communicate with the public in a quick and affordable way without giving up the classic tools of a press conference: invitation management, Q&A sessions, list of participants, etc.

Employee Information

Overcome any distances and provide all your employees with up-to-date company information in seconds, wherever they are.

Product Presentation

Present your latest product to the audience in a live video stream or an online presentation, and receive instant feedback via interactive elements.

IR Call

Present your current business figures to the analysts. Interactive elements will also give you the opportunity to directly receive and respond to their questions or comments.


Thanks to telephone and online interviews, your employee recruitment process can be done much more efficiently. Additionally, they offer more flexibility to the applicants, while increasing the level of reach and therefore the chances to attract new potential candidates.

Lead Generation

Generate new prospects for your products or services and engage in a dialogue with them using the most up-to-date means of communication. Extensive reporting enables you to then evaluate the participants.

  • "We value how professionally and reliably meetyoo handles the earning calls and investor relations events of the Deutsche Börse Group."

    Jan Strecker, Head of Investor Relations at Deutsche Börse

Companies that love what we do

The Landesbank Baden-Württemberg informs its customers on a monthly basis about “Interest Rate, Currency & Asset Management” using the meetyoo’s event platform. This allows the bank to reach a broader audience and to disseminate information quicker and more efficiently.

With the help of meetyoo’s webcasts, MRH Trowe managed to increase the reach, optimize tracking, reporting and customer experience in the age of GDPR. For such a fast-growing company like MR Trowe, with an increasing number of new locations, virtual events become ever more important.

For the second time already Barmenia uses the meetyoo’s virtual exhibition platform as an integral part of the communication process in order to establish a direct dialogue with their customers whilst using resources as efficiently as possible.

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