How Holland’s Campuses United for the Virtually Orange Event

  • Over 20 universities presented themselves
  • Curious students could interact with campus representatives
  • Flexible event design allowed each university to showcase their uniqueness

About Study in Holland

Company: Study in Holland
Industry: Education


Field: Recruiting
Product used: ubivent

"The meetyoo platform was easy to use for both us, exhibitors, and for visitors as well. It is a great platform for events where you want students to roam the platform freely, as well as attend presentations."

Tilburg University


In recent years, the number of students furthering their education in Holland has grown. But this past autumn in particular, travelling to campus fairs would prove challenging. Many Dutch universities form “consortia”: collaborations that offer unique opportunities to encourage scholarship and study in Holland. Virtually Orange, the largest online “study in Holland” event of last year, grew out of three such consortia and several guest universities. With over 20 institutions participating and students attending to make a pivotal life decision, the need to hold a truly remarkable fair was clear.