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Use meetyoo’s webcast to offer your attendees modern live surveys, polls and chats, and help tham save their time and money by removing the need of being physically present at the event.

Learn more about how meetyoo’s digital solutions enabled Fraunhofer to achieve a complete digital connectivity with all of the event locations.

Event solutions in the IT industry

Press Conference

Reach out and communicate with the public in a quick and affordable way without giving up the classic tools of a press conference: invitation management, Q&A sessions, list of participants, etc.

Employee Information

Overcome any distances and provide all your employees with up-to-date company information in seconds, wherever they are.

Product Presentation

Present your latest product to the audience in a live video stream or an online presentation, and receive instant feedback via interactive elements.

IR Call

Present your current business figures to the analysts. Interactive elements will also give you the opportunity to directly receive and respond to their questions or comments.

Virtual Fair

Bring your digitalized fair booth to the participants home. This way you can increase the reach of your healthcare fair and make it even more interactive. In addition, it saves your time, money and contributes to a sustainable economy.

Lead Generation

Generate new prospects for your products or services and engage in a dialogue with them using the most up-to-date means of communication. Extensive reporting enables you to then evaluate the participants.

  • "Due to its high usability, meetyoo's platform for digital events was predestined to turn this event into an online fair. This format is perfect for reaching audience that is located all over the contry"

    Martin Hubschneider - Vice President and CEO, BITMi

Companies that love what we do


The virtual usability fair by BITMi

The Federal Association of IT-Mittelstand e.V. (BITMi) has set itself the goal to spread worldwide informing around the topic of “usability”. To achieve this, the association with the help of meetyoo organizes an online trade fair under the main theme “simply intuitive – sustainability for medium-sized companies”



The Frauenhofer IAO Virtual World Tour presented an exciting challenge in the area of the so-called “hybrid events”. Twelve research institutions worldwide distributed over eight time zones were able to transmit live streams for 24 hours – parallel to the conference in Stuttgart. They have presented results of their research and their view on the future of employment. Different interactive formats were used to mediate the discussion.


ProjectRoom uses meetyoo’s innovative technology for virtual meetups

How can artificial intelligence be used in recruiting? And where do the opportunities for the future development lie? Stefanie Feder, founder of ProjectRoom, gives answers to these questions.

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