• Audio and Web conferencing for quick and easy collaboration

    meetyoo BusinessMeeting is the 2-in-1 solution for your conferences for up to 35 participants. You can access audio and web conferencing at any time without prior reservation. You will receive your personal conference room with secure access immediately after placing your order.

Frequent Applications

Audio conferences – the easiest way to exchange information

With an audio conference, you can quickly and easily link any number of participants. For short or longer team info events via telephone conferencing, you and your participants need only a landline or smartphone to dial into a worldwide conference.

Web conferencing for fast online collaboration

No matter where your customers, employees or colleagues are, bring them all together in a virtual conference room. With the help of our modern collaboration tools, remote conferences can be as effective as face-to-face meetings; working together efficiently and saving unnecessary journeys.

Team meetings wherever you are

When your team is located in different locations, with employees working from home or on the road, you can overcome distance and bring your team members together at the virtual conference table – using a simple audio conference or with visual support in a web conference.

Business Updates: ad-hoc or scheduled

For  scheduled or ad-hoc business updates, a variety of solutions are available. Use an audio conference for quick and easy information sharing, or help your participants gain a better understanding by sharing visual content, such as an online presentation.

Project Management 3.0 – decisions at any time and from anywhere

Project management often requires short notice meetings to discuss important points with all the parties involved. Make use of the best modern communication tools to get decision-makers around a (virtual) table – without long journeys or searching for available meeting space.

Prices & Rates

BusinessMeeting Flat

flat rate tariff


per month / conference room plus VAT

  • incl. browser-based web meetings (no installation required)
  • for up to 25 participants
  • flat rate calls
  • monthly contract & no hidden costs
  • international dial-in numbers (extra charge)
  • online control screen
  • screen sharing
  • planning & invitation with Outlook
  • recording the audio conference
  • flexible dial-in via telephone or VoIP

BusinessMeeting Flat Int.

incl. international flat rate


per month / conference room plus VAT

  • incl. browser-based web meetings (no installation required)
  • for up to 35 participants
  • international conferencing flat rate
  • monthly contract & no hidden costs
  • incl. international dial-in numbers (for selected numbers)
  • online control screen
  • screen sharing
  • planning & invitation with Outlook
  • recording the audio conference
  • flexible dial-in via telephone or VoIP

BusinessMeeting Flex

flexible rates


per minute / participant plus VAT

  • incl. browser-based web meetings (no installation required)
  • for up to 25 participants
  • minute-by-minute billing
  • no base fee
  • international dial-in numbers (extra charge)
  • online control screen
  • screen sharing
  • planning & invitation with Outlook
  • recording the audio conference
  • flexible dial-in via telephone or VoIP

Flat international savings package 12 for 11: Get the flat rate tariffs for 12 months and pay for only 11 months! Order now on +49 30 868 710 500.

Order your Flat 14-day free trial now.

Test our audio and web conferences for free with up to 10 participants from a German landline.

Product Details

2-in-1: Audio and web conferencing

Audio and web conferencing – with BusinessMeeting you have the flexibility you need for your meetings. Easy to manage conferencing with visual presentations as required – without any extra cost!

Conference rooms for up to 35 participants

All conference rooms are for up to 35 participants. Manage participants using the meetyoo customer portal to send invitations and control the live conference. A summary of your audio conference participants is also available.

24/7 use with no need to make a reservation

Your audio and web meeting room is available around the clock without a reservation or booking. Invite your participants, send access data and dial into your conference at the appointed time.

International dial-in numbers

For conferences with globally distributed participants we offer international dial-in numbers from over 80 countries. International freephone numbers are available on request, meaning participant dial-in is completely free.

Screen sharing

Web conferencing allows you to share content from your computer with the participants. In addition, you have a variety of additional functions for an effective online meeting – all at no extra cost!

Available as flat or flex rate

„All you can meet“: with the BusinessMeeting flat rate you can hold an unlimited number of conferences. If you prefer minute-by-minute billing, simply choose the BusinessMeeting Flex rate. And the best part? You can change your rate monthly.

Additional Functionality

Security Code

For maximum security, the moderator can set an access code. All participants must enter this code in addition to entering the PIN.

Record the conference

Audio and screen content can be easily recorded.

Icon Outlook

Outlook-Plugin & Invitation Help

With the Outlook plugin from meetyoo, participants can be invited to audio conferencing very simply.

Our customers

  • "We have used the audio conference service for many years, and meetyoo is a reliable and competent partner. As a TÜV-certified company, security is a top priority for meetyoo. Equally impressive are their high standards of personal and professional service, along with a high level of flexibility."

    Thomas Fischer - Head of Group Organisation & Security for Commerzbank

  • "Being in the telecommunications sector ourselves, we have an important responsibility to other telecommunications providers. We are glad that meetyoo is a partner we can rely on."

    Arne Thull - Head of Investor Relations at QSC AG

  • "On the search for a reliable and quality-oriented specialist for audio conferences, O2 found in meetyoo a very competent service provider - we were particularly convinced by the high level of security available."

    Johannes Pruchnow - Managing Director Business at Telefonica Germany

  • "We highly appreciate the personal service meetyoo offers, as well as the high quality and wide product range that always provides the right solutions for the most diverse requirements."

    Alexander Pöschl - Specialist Investor Relations at Grammer AG

  • "When it's urgent and has to be done now, everybody in the PR MarCom Team can organise and deploy a audio conference in just minutes. And with just a few clicks!"

    Melanie Heßler - Managing Director for PR MarCom Media Relations

  • "As a young and strongly growing company we use meetyoo regularly for audio conferences and Webcasts. What convinced us was the simple process, the transparent pricing model and above all the good service!"

    Andreas Altheimer - Co-Founder of applicant tracking software Prescreen

Questions about your Web Conference

Launching a web meeting with BusinessMeeting is easy: participants simply select the specified number and type in their PIN using the telephone keypad. Participants in the virtual conference room are now connected and can talk to each other.

The phone number and PIN are supplied after ordering BusinessMeeting.

No. For a web meeting with BusinessMeeting, you don’t need to make a reservation.

After you have ordered, you will receive a personal log-in via email. With this, you and your participants can book your conference room and hold your web conference at any time.

BusinessMeeting is available at three different rates: BusinessMeeting Flat , BusinessMeeting Flat International and BusinessMeeting Flex.

With BusinessMeeting Flat und BusinessMeeting Flat International you pay a fixed price per month for the conference room. Each conference room you use is charged at a fixed monthly price of €25 or 35€ (plus VAT). With BusinessMeeting Flex you pay €0.09 per minute for each conference participant.

There is no limit to the number or duration of your conferences in BusinessMeeting Flat or Flex. Only the capacity of the conference room is limited to 25 or 35 participants.

Participants to your web conference do not pay any extra costs. Only the dial-in cost will be charged. These costs vary depending on your phone provider.

If the participant calls from a phone with a flat rate contract, they won’t be charged at all.

A web conference has the advantage that colleagues, employees, partners or customers all over the world can get together to talk to each other very quickly.

Participants from abroad can take part in the conference by using the numerous dial-in numbers available worldwide.

Yes, you can use a smartphone to join the web meeting. Audio quality is consistently good and you can use all the functions that a landline offers. In addition to this, smartphones can display visual content as well.

Yes. With BusinessMeeting, you can record your meetings at any time.

Recording can be accessed in two ways:

1. On the web control in the meetyoo customer portal, you can simply press the “Record” button and the recording starts.
2. Pressing #7 on your telephone keypad (fixed network or mobile) starts and stops recording.

Participants are informed of the recording by means of an automatic announcement. After the recording has finished, the audio file is available as a download in the meetyoo customer portal.

Parallel to the audio conference, your virtual conference room can also be used to show visual content. With the web conference tool, you can share content on your computer with participants such as presentations, other document types like Excel and Word (data sharing) or even your entire screen.

In the customer portal, you will find the web control for your meeting with access  to your web meeting room data.

To share content with other participants, you must be a moderator. Participants only need a browser with an internet connection to join the web meeting.

Participants click on a link sent to them via the invitation to join the web conference, and you’re up and running!

How can we help you?

Do you have questions about our 2-in-1  BusinessMeeting solution? Are you already planning your next meeting? We are very happy to talk with you about your BusinessMeeting and audio conference needs, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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