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    Creativity and professionalism are key to a successful product launch or product presentation. Journalists, media representatives, customers and other stakeholders want to be engaged and captivated. With the interactive presentation software from meetyoo, you can present your products online using your corporate branding while interacting with your audience.

Advantages of an online product presentation

Product presentations are no longer restricted to a physical location. The internet is playing an ever greater role in the way companies present themselves, their products and services. One reason for this is that the internet offers an incredible reach for the content. On top of this, advanced technology makes it possible to share every imaginable media format. As a result, you have all the tools at your disposal to present your products in an attractive and targeted manner.

With an online product presentation, you can reach up to 10,000 attendees simultaneously. The presentation software from meetyoo is almost infinitely scalable and allows you to reach your audience all over the world – without any special technical requirements

The internet gives you a practically infinite reach for distributing your content, as online presentations mean no restrictions in terms of time and location. With an online presentation, you can also reach people who would not or could not attend a presentation on-site.

The presentation tools from meetyoo don’t just allow you to create live presentations – you can also provide an on-demand version. This means that people who couldn’t attend the live event can easily watch the presentation later. You can link the presentation via your website, for example, or notify a specific group of subscribers via e-mail. And don’t worry – you can protect your live and on-demand presentations from unauthorised access using a password.

With the help of meetyoo’s online product presentations, you can use practically any media format – such as lectures, product videos, PowerPoint presentations, graphics and many more – in your online event. You can present prepared content or simply play a video stream – the choice is yours.

An attractive product video is always a key part of any online product presentation. Combining image and sound is the best way to convey the emotions that the product is meant to awaken. What’s more, the viewers get a comprehensive visual impression of the product, for example when you show them a 360° view of it. 

Whether you’re creating a product video or an image video, meetyoo’s presentation software will broadcast your videos simultaneously and faultlessly to up to 10,000 live attendees.

With each product presentation, you are presenting your company at the same time. You can make the design of meetyoo’s online presentation tools match your company’s branding (including logo, font and company colours).

Do you want to present different media formats, such as images, audio tracks and (live) videos, during your product demonstration? Or would a well-designed PowerPoint presentation be sufficient? Depending on your requirements, you can use different modules to make your product presentation appealing and to engage with your audience.

Increase the reach of your communications by broadcasting your face-to-face event online at the same time. You can also reach journalists, media representatives or other interested parties who are unable to visit the event in person.

It is always important to address your audience in a product presentation. The interactive presentation software from meetyoo provides various communication methods so that you can interact with your attendees.

One example of this is the group or individual text chat function, where attendees can send questions or comments to the moderator (or assistant).

With interactive surveys, attendees can take part in live polls via their screen and you can show the results immediately. With the meetyoo software, you will automatically benefit from a TED system (televoting process), where attendees simply need to click their mouse to vote. Q&A sessions allow individual attendees to put forward questions once their line has been enabled.

There are two options here – the other attendees can listen in or the question can be answered in a more private ‘sub-conference’.

Attendees can follow online presentations on different devices, such as their PC, smartphone or tablet. All they need is an internet connection – no additional software required! The presentation is broadcasted via a normal internet browser.

Different evaluation options are available so that you can assess the success of your product presentation.

For example, you can generate a report about the average attendance duration and the drop-out rate of attendees. If you ask your attendees to register in advance using their contact details, you will also be able to see exactly who left the presentation early and can ask them whether they need any more information if necessary.

If you provide additional informative material as a download, you can also see who downloaded which information.

If you hold your presentation entirely online, you will not have to pay for an external venue, catering or the staff on-site.

What’s more, there are no travel or accommodation costs – which can be very expensive – for the attendees. And don’t forget, there are also the time savings to consider on top of the cost savings. Time is precious – for you in your company and for all others involved. The costly travel time is therefore a thing of the past as you can join in on the presentation with a click of your mouse and don’t have to factor in an extra few hours to get to the venue.

Another advantage of foregoing the journey is that it is more environmentally friendly – no unnecessary CO2 emissions from transport.

As a German service provider, we work in accordance to the German data protection regulations.

We have also been certified to ISO/IEC 27001 since 2012, which stands as a proof that meetyoo offers the very highest standards in terms of information security.

Here you will find more information about our security concept.

Solutions for your product presentation

We offer a multitude of different solutions to enable you to create a professional and interactive product presentation that meets your requirements.

If you have any questions or want to discuss your individual needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The simplest and quickest way to create an online presentation is to broadcast a prepared PowerPoint presentation to all attendees at the same time. The attendees will follow the presentation on their computers. They will be sent a web link, which they must click on at the scheduled time and which will then grant them access.

If you are planning an internal product presentation where you wish to introduce a new digital product, for example, you can use the meetyoo web conference (meetyoo BusinessMeeting). With this option, you can also open individual programs on your computer alongside the PowerPoint presentation and broadcast what’s on your screen to all attendees.

A webcast is an ideal solution for presenting your product to a wider audience using various types of media. You will benefit from the latest broadcasting technology, which will allow you to incorporate different media formats and show your product in the best light. Up to 1000 attendees can follow your presentation simultaneously – thanks to cutting-edge streaming and broadcasting technology – without a delay in the data transmission. Before your webinar or webcast, we will create a company-specific registration page for you. Here, you can specify which information an attendee needs to provide to register for your presentation. This information will help you further down the line when it comes to evaluating the success of your event, for example.

A virtual product exhibition provides everything you need to present your product or an entire product range comprehensively. We will design a virtual exhibition for you that harmonises perfectly with your company’s branding. Just like a face-to-face event, the virtual exhibition features a reception desk, information booths with personal points of contact and event stages where live speakers can present. And you can, of course, incorporate videos, PowerPoints or other media formats. The attendees can move freely around the individual exhibition areas at the click of a mouse. Group and individual chat functions are available so that you can interact with your audience and answer their questions. 

Other ways to use online presentations

Press conference

You can also use the online presentation tools from meetyoo to
hold a press conference. You can hold your press conference entirely online – or you can use an online presentation at the same time as the traditional press conference. This means that journalists and media representatives are able to follow the press conference, even when they are not there.

Lead generation

Marketing webcasts in particular are becoming more and more popular with companies, as they reach a larger audience, make it possible to interact with interested parties and generate valuable customer insights. What’s more, you can use them alongside your content marketing to generate new leads and strengthen existing customer contacts.

Employee information

With an online presentation, you can inform your employees at different sites about important changes in the company at the same time. Visual support makes the information easier to understand and will help to cement it in the memory for longer than a simple text or audio report.

Online training

With a webcast or webinar, you can train your employees and save resources at the same time – regardless of the time and location. On-demand versions – in other words, recordings of online training sessions – which your employees can access at any time are ideal. Our solution also lets you to carry out tests and issue (online) certification.

Our Customers

  • "We have used the audio conference service for many years, and meetyoo is a reliable and competent partner. As a TÜV-certified company, security is a top priority for meetyoo. Equally impressive are their high standards of personal and professional service, along with a high level of flexibility."

    Thomas Fischer - Head of Group Organisation & Security for Commerzbank

  • "Being in the telecommunications sector ourselves, we have an important responsibility to other telecommunications providers. We are glad that meetyoo is a partner we can rely on."

    Arne Thull - Head of Investor Relations at QSC AG

  • "On the search for a reliable and quality-oriented specialist for audio conferences, O2 found in meetyoo a very competent service provider - we were particularly convinced by the high level of security available."

    Johannes Pruchnow - Managing Director Business at Telefonica Germany

  • "We highly appreciate the personal service meetyoo offers, as well as the high quality and wide product range that always provides the right solutions for the most diverse requirements."

    Alexander Pöschl - Specialist Investor Relations at Grammer AG

  • "When it's urgent and has to be done now, everybody in the PR MarCom Team can organise and deploy a audio conference in just minutes. And with just a few clicks!"

    Melanie Heßler - Managing Director for PR MarCom Media Relations

  • "As a young and strongly growing company we use meetyoo regularly for audio conferences and Webcasts. What convinced us was the simple process, the transparent pricing model and above all the good service!"

    Andreas Altheimer - Co-Founder of applicant tracking software Prescreen

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