• Lead Generation and valuable Insights for your Business

    Use modern communication tools to generate qualified leads for your business. meetyoo webcast lets you use modern marketing methods to showcase products, present trends and novelties in your sector and establish contact with potential new customers.
    They also provide you with valuable consumer insights for your business, which can help you improve your products and services and make your marketing even more effective.


A webcast will place your advertising message in the market in an informative and solution-focussed manner. Numerous live interaction options allow your target audience to engage with your themes, products or services, giving you access to highly qualified business contacts (leads) for your business. A webcast is a perfect marketing tool for attracting the right amount of attention to your messages. Each webcast transmission provides proof of your professional expertise and, as such, seamlessly integrates into your content marketing strategy.

By using different media formats in a webcast, you can make your presentation as interesting and diverse as possible. Use video clips or show a moderator live-feed; show presentations, images or other files, or simply share the content of your screen with the participants.

  • Audio and video files
  • Live video images
  • Presentations
  • Files such as Word, Excel or image files
  • Screen and application sharing

Use the various interaction options available to communicate with your participants. Some examples here include responding to questions in an open chat or 1:1 chat, staging Q&A rounds or incorporating live surveys into your presentations which you can immediately show.

  • Chat function (as an open group chat or 1:1 communication)
  • Q&A rounds
  • Live surveys and results
  • Survey in the event follow-up

A separate download area allows you to offer information material for download, even in the run-up to the event. Online tracking traces each download so you can assign it to a prospect and use it later to address them in a targeted manner.

  • A secure download section allows you to provide additional information before or in follow-up to the event
  • Assigns downloads to prospective customers

Prospective participants register for the event on a registration page. Predefined input fields query relevant information, such as name, company, company size, position, contact details and interests, etc. A unique participant ID allows you to assign information to the respective lead, which can then be automatically enriched with survey results or any downloads the prospect requests later.

Detailed reports show you how much time any one participant spent at a conference, what information they downloaded and what questions they asked. A predefined cluster allows you to categorise participants by sales potential (lead scoring).

And, it goes without saying that all the data can be easily imported into your CRM system.

  • Registration page in your corporate design
  • Evaluation of participant activities and corresponding reporting
  • Lead scoring by individual cluster
  • Import into CRM

Webcasts from meetyoo comply fully with the German data protection act. All data (presentations and participant data) is hosted at a German data centre.
In addition, our data security process is certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 specifically for conference applications.

We guarantee:

  • Protection of your data
  • Protection against unwanted participants
  • Protection against technical outages

Our employees are professionally trained conferencing operators who receive regular advanced training so that they stay at the forefront of technology and webcasts.


Selecting a theme

To stage a successful webcast, you first need to give some detailed thought to the theme of the webcast. To help you, read our free meetyoo guide, “10 Tips on How to Choose Webcast Themes that Will Captivate your Audience”


Once you have decided on a theme, set the date for your virtual event and then promote, promote, promote! When doing so, use all the communication channels your company has access to. You can promote your up-and-coming webcast by sending out mailings. Or you can book ads on search engines and social media. Use the industry portals read by your target audience to inform them about your webcast.

Content and technical preparation

When you prepare your presentation, make it illustrative and enrich it with multimedia content to capture the attention of your audience. meetyoo can provide you with technical support at the preparation stage, but also with moderator training or a dress rehearsal prior to the important event.

Remind the participants

We send out automatic reminders on the day before the webcast (also refer to the information under “Participant Management” in relation).

Registration Page

We create a registration page in your corporate design for your webcast. People who are interested in taking part in the webcast register for it on this page.

You can decide on the depth of information you want your participants to provide (name, company, company size, position, interests, etc.).

Inviting Participants

If you provide us with the appropriate contact information we will help invite your participants. Prospective participants find a link to the registration page in the invitation mail. Each participant receives an individual subscriber link afterwards, which they enter in the webcast later. This allows you to uniquely identify leads afterwards.

On the day before the event, we send the participants an email which reminds them that they are registered to take part.

Participants’ Service

Meetyoo operators are there to assist you in providing support to participants when questions arise during your webcast.

Initial Welcome

Make sure you welcome your participants to the webcast. When you go through the webcast procedure, briefly address any questions or interests your participants may already have enquired about during the registration process. In this way, you show that the interests of your customers are the focus of your attention.

Presentation and interaction

Use the various multimedia presentation options open to you and interact with your audience. You can perform live surveys or get feedback from the participants in Q&A sessions.

Using the chat function makes sense to address any questions submitted prior to pre-screening. A meetyoo operator lends you (virtual) support during the presentation and helps you stage your event professionally.

Additional download material

Take your participants by surprise and provide them with additional bonus content for download. By providing relevant content, you increase the value of your webcast in the eyes of your participants and receive relevant information from them about their individual interests.

Participants evaluation/Reporting

Comprehensive reports and pre-created clusters allow you to divide the participants up into different categories of leads. You will see who took part in the webcast and for how long, who entered which questions/answers, and who downloaded what supplementary material.

Using data in your CRM

Import the leads into your company’s proprietary CRM system (Customer Relationship Management). You can evaluate the leads and forward them to appropriate co-workers in Sales, Marketing or Customer Service for further processing.

Providing an on-demand version

To increase the reach of your webcast, always provide an on-demand version so that the content can be retrieved any time later. Providing the contact details of key staff also ensures that extra leads do not go astray afterwards.

Extend your thanks to the participants

Send a final email to the webcast participants and thank them for their time and attention. Depending on the cluster and main points of interest, provide further information, and/or contact details, and draw the participants’ attention to the on-demand version of the webcast.


Webcast Starter

  • For up to 250 participants
  • Perfect for short presentations
  • Incl. all basic funtionalities
  • For up to 250 live participants
  • 60 minutes live streaming
  • 3 months archive storage for on-demand play
  • White label branding
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Webcast management and manager
  • Synchronised slide presentation
  • Q&A session
  • Voting & surveys functions
  • File storage
  • Webcam
  • Video clip
  • Screen sharing
  • Webcast as video movie (.mp4)

Webcast Pro

  • For up to 500 participants
  • Perfect for extended live performances
  • Incl. webcam & video clip
  • For up to 500 live participants
  • 90 minutes live streaming
  • 6 months archive storage for on-demand play
  • White label branding
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Webcast management and manager
  • Synchronised slide presentation
  • Q&A session
  • Voting & surveys functions
  • File storage
  • Webcam
  • Video clip
  • Screen sharing
  • Webcast as video movie (.mp4)

Webcast Premium

  • For up to 1,000 participants
  • Perfect for long live performances
  • Incl. all functions
  • For up to 1,000 live participants
  • 120 minutes live streaming
  • 12 months archive storage for on-demand play
  • White label branding
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Webcast management and manager
  • ynchronised slide presentation
  • Q&A session
  • Voting & surveys functions
  • File storage
  • Webcam
  • video clip
  • Screen sharing
  • Webcast as video movie (.mp4)

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Our Customers

  • "Wir nutzen den Telefonkonferenz-Service bereits seit vielen Jahren und meetyoo ist ein zuverlässiger und kompetenter Partner. Als TÜV-zertifiziertes Unternehmen steht bei meetyoo Sicherheit im Vordergrund. Gleich wird hoher Wert auf persönliche und professionelle Betreuung sowie hohe Flexibilität gelegt."

    Thomas Fischer - Leiter Group Organisation & Security bei der Commerzbank

  • "Da wir selbst in der Telekommunikationsbranche tätig sind, haben wir einen sehr hohen Anspruch an andere Telekommunikationsanbieter. Wir sind froh, dabei auf meetyoo als zuverlässigen Partner zurückgreifen zu können."

    Arne Thull - Leiter Investor Relations bei QSC AG

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    Johannes Pruchnow - Managing Director Business bei Telefonica Germany

  • "Wir schätzen an der Zusammenarbeit mit meetyoo den Service durch persönliche Ansprechpartner, die hohe Qualität sowie das breite Produktangebot, das stets passende Lösungen für die unterschiedlichsten Anforderungen bietet."

    Alexander Pöschl - Specialist Investor Relations bei Grammer AG

  • "Auch wenn es einmal dringend ist und schnell gehen muss, kann jeder im PR MarCom-Team intuitiv und innerhalb weniger Minuten eine Telefonkonferenz organisieren und durchführen. Und das mit wenigen Klicks!"

    Melanie Heßler - Geschäftsführerin der PR MarCom Media Relations

  • "Als junges und wachstumsstarkes Unternehmen nutzen wir Meetyoo regelmäßig für Telefonkonferenzen und Webcasts. Überzeugt hat uns die einfache Handhabung, das transparente Preismodell und vor allem der gute Service!"

    Andreas Altheimer - Co-Founder der Bewerbermanagement-Software Prescreen

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