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    We provide advanced communication methods so that you can share the very latest company information with your employees. Whether you’re holding a simple conference call or an online presentation, you can reach all of your employees globally in a matter of seconds – at a fixed, easy-to-calculate cost.


When it comes to internal communication,  we offer a variety of conference formats to meet on your individual requirements. 

Teleconferencing enables employees who are not present on-site to still take part in internal events. When combined phone and online conferences make it possible to add presentations, applications and videos to the communication process. This way the participants are able to easily follow the conference on their computer or smartphone, via a conference interface that can be adapted to your company’s look and feel (branding). 

Q&A sessions can also be held after the presentations, to address individual questions; in online conferences, questions can also be asked during the event itself (using live chat).

We recommend that a moderated AudioEvent (potentially with a web enhancement) is used for conferences with more than 30 participants, for which a meetyoo operator is available as a personal point of contact. This operator provides professional support, guiding the conference process through the planning stage, to implementation, and then follow-up – so you can dedicate your full attention to your presentation.

Your entire (face-to-face) press conference can be streamed live. To participate online your audience only need any internet-enabled devices. One real advantage here is that there is no need for viewers to download or install anything. In addition to the presentation and audio, a live webcam video of the speaker can also be streamed. 

Your webcast’s user interface is adapted to match your corporate design (branding), and there are various interactive features available for your conference, such as surveys, polls and Q&A sessions. 

We will support you before, during and after your webcast is broadcasted and provide an on-demand recording that will be avaliable online after the event.

With the virtual event platform from meetyoo, you can organise virtual employee and town hall meetings, where participants can move around as if they were at an actual event. They can follow talks and presentations in a virtual auditorium, and get more information or ‘meet’ your HR / internal communications personnel at information booths. 

You can interact with your audience via the video or text chat functions, meaning that you can collect and answer individual questions live or later on. Talks can be recorded in real-time on request and viewed on-demand in the auditorium, both during and after the event.

You have complete freedom when it comes to the layout of your virtual environment and can build each element to meet your requirements, from the entrance hall and information booths right through to the auditorium, networking centre and library. On top of all this, everything will match your own branding, presenting a consistent and professional corporate identity.

Virtual conferences and events for internal communication

Team members are often located worldwide in different time zones. This can make it difficult to choose dates for team meetings. Virtual conferences provide a great deal of flexibility here, as all colleagues can participate in the event or meeting, whether they’re at home, on the go or at some other location. This form of conference also allows you to hold team meetings at short notice without your colleagues having to change their entire schedule. Webcasts and web conferences are also extremely useful for team members who sit separately from one another, particularly as they can send videos or simultaneously view documents on the screen and discuss them.

Location independence

Team members can join your virtual conference from practically any location. It makes no difference whether they are based at an office in another city or even abroad.

Flexible participation

All you need to take part in a conference call or an AudioEvent is a normal landline or a mobile phone. This means that colleagues can even take part in the meeting while they’re on the road.

Ad hoc meetings

Your conference call room is always available, so you can convene smaller meetings as conference calls or web conferences on an ad hoc basis.
Your employees simply need to dial into the conference room, meaning they can participate in the team meeting at a moment’s notice.


Holding virtual conferences and events saves valuable time of your employees’ as it cuts out the need for unnecessary travel. What’s more, your company will also save money as you can make better use of your employees’ limited working hours.

Show presentations

In web conferences and online events, you can also show presentations, Excel tables or other files that may be relevant to the team meeting or employee event. Your team members can easily follow the content on their computer or mobile phone without having to install additional software.

Chat function

In all of our web-based conference and event solutions, participants can communicate with one another via the chat function, meaning they can play an active role in the events. The great thing about this is that the speaker does not need to be interrupted and any information that still needs to be exchanged can simply be recorded.

Our customers

  • "We have used the audio conference service for many years, and meetyoo is a reliable and competent partner. As a TÜV-certified company, security is a top priority for meetyoo. Equally impressive are their high standards of personal and professional service, along with a high level of flexibility."

    Thomas Fischer - Head of Group Organisation & Security for Commerzbank

  • "Being in the telecommunications sector ourselves, we have an important responsibility to other telecommunications providers. We are glad that meetyoo is a partner we can rely on."

    Arne Thull - Head of Investor Relations at QSC AG

  • "On the search for a reliable and quality-oriented specialist for audio conferences, O2 found in meetyoo a very competent service provider - we were particularly convinced by the high level of security available."

    Johannes Pruchnow - Managing Director Business at Telefonica Germany

  • "We highly appreciate the personal service meetyoo offers, as well as the high quality and wide product range that always provides the right solutions for the most diverse requirements."

    Alexander Pöschl - Specialist Investor Relations at Grammer AG

  • "When it's urgent and has to be done now, everybody in the PR MarCom Team can organise and deploy a audio conference in just minutes. And with just a few clicks!"

    Melanie Heßler - Managing Director for PR MarCom Media Relations

  • "As a young and strongly growing company we use meetyoo regularly for audio conferences and Webcasts. What convinced us was the simple process, the transparent pricing model and above all the good service!"

    Andreas Altheimer - Co-Founder of applicant tracking software Prescreen

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