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    meetyoo is a market-leading platform for virtual events and webcasts which can host several thousand of visitors at the same time. We provide a stable ecosystem and market-proofed technology stack. To create outstanding digital events we partner with the best-in-class agencies and tech companies because we want to drive change in the event business – we believe that hybrid and digital are “the new normal” when it comes to the event industry.

Why you should partner with meetyoo

As a long-term player in the field of conferencing solutions, we experienced the recent changes within the event business first-hand: A trend toward hybrid and digital events. This development was driven by multiple shifts in our sociopolitical and ecological environment, such as digitalization, the rising popularity of remote work, and the challenges of climate change.

According to Grand View Research (2020), the market size for digital events will be $404 billion by 2027 and growing at an enormous rate of 23.2% year-over-year.

We are looking for independent partners who want to join us on this journey. As a premium digital event provider, you have the chance to compete on the market as one of the few fully managed service providers in the industry.

As an independent partner, you will be taught the necessary know-how and provided with a toolkit which will ensure you and your team have everything you need to create outstanding digital events for your clients. After successfully completing our “ubiversity” program, you will be in the perfect position to host your clients’ events yourself.

With more than 3,000 enterprise customers and 300 hosted conferences by the end of 2020, our platform holds a market-leading position in the premium segment. The platform is both stable and versatile, guaranteeing that your digital events run smoothly.

Our English “ubiversity” program for partners and our marketing action kit ensure that you can get straight to work after learning how to use our platform and use XML and HTML to program entire digital events. We are hosting frequent market entry events which can be used as premium showcases and for lead generation.

Our partner support team makes sure that your questions are being answered 24/7. We are there to support you when it comes to any technical questions while you are managing events. Additionally, our product development department will use your feedback to work towards adding and improving features in order to adapt our products to your markets.

We are actively running marketing campaigns and are investing in building a trusted and renowned brand. Thanks to this, we can provide you with actionable leads and projects in our ongoing partnership.

We see you as our independent partner. You will be in full control of strategic decisions such as your pricing models. You will also be able to reach out to your meetyoo family at all times if you need any advice. This also means that we will closely monitor your feedback as it is invaluable to our goal of providing the best possible partner experience.

• Part of the conference, expo or event industry.
• Strong regional market presence.
• Strong service approach.
• Very high customer orientation.
• Ready for a financial commitment.
• Interested in a long-term relationship.
• Fluency in English.
• Basic technical experience (XML/HTML) or the willingness to acquire it.

We emphasize partnership at eye level

Trust is an important pillar of our corporate culture at meetyoo. Accordingly, we are looking for long-term partners who want to work with us towards creating mutual benefits.

nilo recyclapolis

“For Recyclapolis foundation, it was one of the great decisions to make an alliance with meetyoo. The Chilean market and our customers are happy with the platform. We expect to make 100% more events in 2021.”

Fernando Nilo, President & Founder
Fundación Recyclápolis, Chile

Andre Minier

“This is a great opportunity for people with event experience who are looking to expand digitally. We are happy to be a part of your wonderful team. It’s indeed a huge chance for everybody involved.”

Andre Minier, CEO
Standesign A/S, Denmark

beatrice schmidt

“meetyoo saved our own event in the middle of the lockdown and we were hooked immediately. We didn’t just want to be customers, we wanted to become partners and use this first-class, high-performance platform. Almost a year has passed and we have not regretted our decision at all.”

Beatrice Schmidt, Executive Manager
WEKA Industrie Medien GmbH, Austria

Mehr Infos

meetyoo's digital event platform offers amazing advantages

As a partner you can use meetyoo’s powerful event platform to create various online trade fair and congress formats for your clients.

The advantages of virtual events with our technology:

  • Full customization of the digital environment (entrance hall, information booth, expo with exhibitor booths, lounge, virtual auditoriums, etc.)
  • Handling of several thousand event visitors simultaneously
  • Hybrid solutions – live events can be shown as part of the virtual event’s auditorium program thanks to high performance streaming technology
  • Comprehensive reports and lead scoring for your clients’ success measurements and lead generation

Increased Reach

With meetyoo’s online event software you can host digital events for over 50,000 people at the same time. The event can be accessed quickly and easily by attendees from all over the world – without the need to download any additional software. There are no barriers for your clients and their potential audiences, which greatly reduces audience generation costs.

Outstanding Customization

Clients usually want to strengthen their brand message and incorporate sponsors. Our platform allows you to fully tailor the event environment to your clients’ needs.  Integrate custom designs and content to create additional revenue streams. Event visitors will be impressed by unique digital environments which can replicate real places, or show made up and even completely abstract landscapes.

Interaction with Visitors

Various communication tools are available to support interactive communication and networking between event participants:

  • Private chat rooms
  • Public group chats
  • Video chats
  • Polls
  • Q&A and Breakout Sessions

Hybrid Events & Live Streams

A live event can be enhanced and reach a larger audience if it is combined with a digital event. Offer hybrid events to clients who would like to integrate live-streams from their physical event into their digital event. Offer these solutions and position yourself as a market innovator and upsell premium live streaming events as a digital addition to on-site events.

Lead Detection / Success Measurements

Our comprehensive reporting system offers in-depth statistics and recordings of user activity which make it possible to effectively examine the success of the hosted event. Generate marketing qualified leads for your clients and present an ROI driven analysis which will guarantee returning customers.

Security & Data Privacy made in Germany

The meetyoo software was developed in Germany and is hosted exclusively on servers which are located in Berlin and Mannheim. As premium brands and multinationals tend to emphasis data security & data privacy, our high data privacy standards will be a key distinction factor for your digital event portfolio.

A closer look at our digital event features

The virtual entrance hall helps vistors gain a first impression of the environment. A welcome video with nice production value can help with the initial orientation and usually provides a closer look at event features and the agenda.

This area is also the central navigation hub of a virtual event – it leads to all available exhibition halls and auditoriums. An information booth can also be found there and is staffed with employees of the exhibitor who offer every visitor personal assistance and orientation.

Inside of the entrance hall, a virtual lounge adds another networking opportunity for visitors.

Your clients can use virtual exhibition booths to inform their event visitors about their company, products, portfolio or current job openings e.g.

The exhibition booths are located in a virtual exhibition hall and are designed according to your client’s corporate design (depending on the package they book the designs will either be based on templates, or individual).

Booths have many elements which make it possible to share information using video screen integration or a document library which allows downloads. Additionally, a live chat allows visitors to talk directly to the booth personnel via text or video chat.

Social media integration supports networking further via various channels.

The auditorium is a virtual space for lectures, symposia, discussions and panels. These presentations take place in the form of videos and meetyoo webcast integrations into the platform.

Live streams can be transmitted as a webcast from a studio or directly from the stage of a corresponding on-location event. This is a great option for people who are planning a hybrid event which combines a digital and a physical event.

Alternatively, pre-recorded videos or webcasts can be integrated into the platform and “premiere” at a specific time according to your agenda.

If your client would like to integrate a panel discussion, a multiple webcam webcast can be used (either live or pre-recorded).

The event is followed by an on demand period which makes all of the video and exhibition content available for another month.

Clients can add several features which add an element of gamification to their event. Quizzes, votes or raffles can be included, which can be topped off with a reward for a few selected winners.

A virtual event rally can also be used to add more fun to an event while also generating leads which fit your client’s individual requirements. This creates additional motivation to interact with the event content in order to gain a better ranking on the “high score list” and win prizes.

If you create an individual registration page for your client’s event, they can use our reporting tools to collect data which is of particular interest to them (e.g. company, position, email, phone number, areas of interest, previous experience, etc.).

Additionally, all visitors can be tracked in our reporting. Our unique visitor profiles show the length of time spent at booths or watching videos and interacting with the rest of the content.

This data can be clustered into visitor groups or evaluated individually. Clients can export the data and analyze it at a later point – it is even possible to integrate it into their own CRM.

There is a virtual event for everything

A variety of online trade fairs and other online event formats have already been implemented with meetyoo’s innovative online platform.

Here you will find a selection of applications for digital trade fairs and events.

Job and Career Fairs

  • Virtual recruiting and career events
  • Exhibitions for industry leaders

Corporate Fairs

  • Company presentations
  • Employee events
  • Kick-off events

Industrial Fairs

  • Product fairs
  • Industry fairs

Press/Marketing Events

  • Virtual press conferences
  • Marketing events for lead generation

Online Conferences

  • Digital congresses
  • Online seminars
  • Virtual conventions

Virtual Campus

  • Online academy
  • eLearning
  • Trainings

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