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How Siemens Energy connected a global audience

Siemens Energy used MEETYOO Pro managed service and flexible platform for their virtual employee conference.


“State-of-the-art digital platform, characterized by its high adaptability, and very professional team.”

Rainer Schuessler Siemens Energy, Core Organizing team


Siemens energy wanted to organize an event without the need to travel whilst reaching their globally distributed employees.


Siemens Energy utilized the MEETYOO platform's flexible design to create a virtual environment representing their Corporate Identity.


The platform connected thought leaders from around the world in a networking lounge with breakout rooms to brainstorm modern day energy solutions. Keynote speakers held live presentations in auditoriums, followed by interactive Q&A sessions.

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Siemens Energy Networking Lounge - MEETYOO

As a global player in green energy tech solutions, Siemens Energy AG wanted to connect their employees in a most sustainable and convenient way, meaning without long-distance travel. Their goal was to present and discuss energy trends and product innovation in real-time with their employees.

As Siemens energy staff is scattered around the globe, live networking was a challenge. The virtual environment created a sense of belonging and improved knowledge transfer across topic specialists. The cherry on top was the possibility to integrate external speakers and participants to improve partnerships and include thought leaders from the industry.

Siemens Energy key requirements for their virtual platform

Flexible virtual environments - virtual events - MEETYOO
Flexible virtual environments

Siemens Energy wanted to have a virtual space to reflect their corporate identity and create a sense of belonging with their employees.

Information and knowledge transfer - virtual events - MEETYOO
Knowledge transfer

Managed streaming solutions supported Siemens Energy's team to focus on high-quality content. Keynotes with Live Q&A sessions in multiple auditoriums allowed efficient knowledge transfer in an engaging environment.

Networking - virtual events - MEETYOO

For Siemens Energy, it was key to allow their employees to mix and mingle with each other, and connect around key topics for the organization's future.

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Siemens Energy - Yoga and Sport Session - MEETOO

Create value by connecting employees from around globe.

The event organizers were pleased with the flexibility of MEETYOOs digital platform design. They appreciated the state-of-the-art networking features, like text chats, Breakout Rooms with Video Calls, and AI-supported Matchmaking.

Spaces like the yoga and sports room made the event more entertaining for the participants. The info desk with live support helped the audience find their topics of interest even quicker.

The managed service of MEETYOO Pro was a key aspect of Siemens energy's great experience with MEETYOO. After the successful event, the organizers emphasized the strong relationship with MEETYOOs team, who were "committed, creative, competent, fast, solution-oriented, goal-oriented, and always available.” 

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