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    ubivent’s renowned plattform for conducting virtual events as well as large online conferences can accommodate several thousand participants simultaneously. In addition to that, live events can be made accessible in a virtual way by setting up hybrid events.

Benefits of virtual events at a glance

With our virtual event, you can radically increase the number of people you reach. But that‘s not all. Other benefits include:

The saving on travel costs alone represents a significant return on investment.

Making your events virtual can bring them to a whole new group of users.

Attendees are free to visit whichever parts of the event they choose, wherever they take place and at whatever time.

By making your next event virtual, you can contribute to a more sustainable economy.

Modules for a range of functions

The virtual entrance hall is the central arrival point for your online event. Visitors can get a first look, interact with other visitors and visit the various event areas.

Here you can show live or on-demand videos, with or without slides, plus subtitles or translation. Surveys, feedback and online tests can also take place here.

Stands can be designed to reflect the exhibitors‘ corporate branding and can incorporate various elements such as video screens, document areas etc.

Tailor-made for various events

We will design your virtual event according to your individual requirements. Events we have arranged for our clients in the past include:

Career fairs

For example virtual recruitment events etc.

Corporate communication

For employee information, investor relations or shareholder meetings.

Virtual campus

Training days and e-learing (plus optional issue of certificates).

Press and marketing events

For lead generation or communicating with existing customers or the press.

Live streaming

For example podium discussions and product presentations.


“The format was brilliant and has huge potential.”

The large virtual human resoureces summit “CHRO VIRTUAL SUMMIT 2018” took place on 29th May 2018. Supported by meetyoo and our subsidiary company ubivent, HR leaders from all over the world attended virtually to listen to international presentations and exchange their thoughts. Overall, more than 5,000 participants from over 100 countries registered for the virtual event.


At a hybrid event, online participants from all over the world are integrated live into their presence event. The increased reach allows even more guests to participate in your event, your event becomes more innovative and you protect the environment.

Virtual Event: Tour with Carmen Hentschel

As with all online events, a virtual trade fair allows you to benefit from the almost unlimited reach of the Internet. By participating quickly and easily in an online trade fair, the number of participants can be increased many times over compared to a trade fair in attendance.

How can we help you?

Do you have a question about virtual events? We are very happy to talk with you about your virtual event needs, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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