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Holding an Audio Conference

For access to all control functions and administration of your conference room, please register for our free customer portal. This allows you to schedule, invite, and control live meetings online. The login can be found at at the top right of the menu under “Customer login”. The conference control functions available from your telephone keypad are listed below.

Start audio conference immediately

Moderator dial-up: At the scheduled time, dial the number found in your access data e-mail and you will be prompted to enter the moderator PIN (conference entry code) followed by the # key.

Subscriber dial-in: Subscribers to the telephone conference dial in and enter the subscriber PIN and # key.

Audio conference planning

Plan your audio conference in advance using the pre-conference planning tool in the customer Portal, accessed via the ‘Scheduled Conferences’ menu.

Enter your data using the form, select your dial-in numbers and edit your invitation text as desired.

Send an email invitation to existing contacts from your address book or create new participants.

Audio conference key commands for participants

0# operator assistance This calls the operator for individual help
*0 available control options Lists all control options including available control options
*2  stop voice announcements Stops all automated voice announcements
*4 Volume control Volume control (up/down)
*6 turn on and off sound Mute button turns on and off sound on your line

Additional key commands for moderator

*5 Unlock / Unlock Conference room Opens or closes the conference room so that no other participants can join the conference
*7 Switch on / off Presentation mode Switches presentation mode to mute all participants or resume presentation
#1 Play Recorded Participant names Participant names are played out loud at the beginning of the conference
#2 Number of participants. The total number of participants is announced
#3 Dial-out operator connection (extra charge) Allows the operator to accept further subscribers
#7 Start / stop recording Starts & stops recording of the audio conference and play-back of previous recordings
#9 Terminate conference Allows the moderator to terminate the conference after dealing with any outstanding participant queries
## End Conference Instantly terminates the audio conference for all participants

Tips for a successful audio conference

Watch this video to improve your audio conferences.

Test our audio conferences for free with up to 10 participants.

Holding a Web Conference

To ensure you always have the latest version of BusinessMeeting, please subscribe to our free customer portal. Here you can access the latest client updates at any time and launch your conference immediately. Log in to the Customer Portal via the “Customer Login”. A list of features can be found below, and you can find a detailed manual in the Customer Portal.

Start Web Conference Immediately

By clicking on the button you can download the BusinessMeeting client. From the menu, click on “Start conference”, select “Start a web conference”, and then select your conference room.

Meeting Schedule

Plan your Web meeting in advance using the simple pre-conference planning feature in the Customer Portal, accessed via the ‘scheduled conferences’ tab.

Enter all relevant data via the form, select your dial-in numbers and edit your invitation text as required.

Send an e-mail invitation to existing contacts in your address book or create new participants.


Session: View the current session number and number of participants, assign a new password, and close the session.

Participants: View number of participants and configure permissions.

Application selection: Select programs and content for transmission.

Monitor: Check the transmission of the contents.

Chat: Interact with participants.

File Store: Provide files for download.

Video / My video: View all speakers via Webcam.

Log messages: Records all functions used during a session.

Audio Conferencing: View dial-in data for the Audio conference.

Shortcut List

Wechsel zwischen Betrachter und Präsentator Change View: Swap between viewer and presenter.
Umschalten zwischen der Gesamtbildschirmansicht und einem Ausschnitt  Zoom Mode: The moderator can switch between full screen and pop-up view for all viewers.
Scribbles und Skizzen erstellen, Bereiche markieren und mit Anmerkungen versehen  White Board: Take notes and create sketches, highlight and annotate sections.
Starten und Speichern der Sitzungsaufzeichnung Session recording: Start and save the session recording.
Zugriff auf den Verbindungsperformance-Test Special functions: Access the connection performance test.
Bildübertragungsqualität wählen Select image transfer quality: Change broadcast image quality.
Konferenz wird für Moderator und Teilnehmer beendet Stop: End the conference for moderator and participants.

Request a free 14-day trial now

Try our audio and Web conferencing with up to 10 participants from the German landline network for free.

Any Questions?

Questions about the BusinessMeeting Quick Guide, or need help with implementing an audio or Web conference? We are happy to help with all matters concerning your conferences. We look forward to hearing from you.

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