• Instructions for the meetyoo Outlook plugin

    With the Outlook plug-in, you can quickly and easily organize your audio conference and invite participants directly from Outlook. You can send conference information, invitations, dial-in numbers and your conference PIN together with your meeting request as an appointment in calendar.

Installing Outlook Plugin

Step 1: Installation File

Close Outlook if the program is still open and run the installation file.

System Requirements:

  • You need to be an administrator to use the link. Outlook must be closed during installation.
  • Outlook 2007 through Windows XP are supported.
  • To update your conference room and use your data, all you need is a connection to the internet.

Step 2: Settings

Click ‘Settings’ in Outlook.

Step 3: Registration

A separate window will be displayed with the “registration” tab open. Enter your email address and  password (same login data as in the customer portal). Check “Save password” for future conferences, and you’re logged in.

Register for free if you do not have access to Outlook. After login, your conference data is loaded and the plug-in installed.

Configuring Outlook Plugin

Step 1: General

Here you access conference rooms with their associated PIN. Select the required room and language for the scheduled conference. Once enabled, conference rooms are indicated with a green shield icon Icon Einmalkonferenzfähiger Raum.  Click on “Change” to select the available dial-in numbers.

Step 2: Dial-in numbers

Select the national dial-up numbers with a German or English greeting message or the international dial-in numbers for your participants.

Step 3: Presentation

Your email template can be edited to include dial-in information and more via email preview.

Step 4: Updates

The current version of the installed plug-ins are displayed under “Update”. Every time you start the plug-in the software automatically checks to see if a new version is available.

Creating conferences with unique PINs

One-off conferences offer increased security and flexibility as each conference has a unique access PIN. This also allows for multiple conferences to be held at the same time.

These are indicated by a green shield icon Icon Einmalkonferenzfähiger Raum , e.g. BusinessAudio and BusinessMeeting with minute-by-minute billing.

Step 1:

Order a BusinessMeeting Flex oder BusinessAudio Flex conference room.

Step 2:

Download and install the Outlook plugin.

Step 3:

Enter the same access data you are using for the customer portal or plugin.

Step 4:

Choose and confirm your one-time conference room.

Save settings

You can choose to enable conference rooms with a unique or permanent PIN. Your settings for future conferences can be saved via the tab “Remember settings for future conferences”. The selection dialog will no longer be displayed once chosen.

If you want to change this, you can deselect “Do not display selection dialog during conference planning” in “General” settings.

Creating an invitation in Outlook

Step 1: Schedule meeting

Click “Plan Conference” in Outlook and highlight a time slot to enable it.

Step 2: Send a meeting invitation

Select date, time, and subject for the conference. Your dial-up data is added to the calendar event, and after you have entered your participants email addresses, a conference invitation is sent.

A confirmation message will be sent to confirm the date and time of your conference.

Any Questions?

Questions about the meetyoo Outlook plugin? If you need help with installation and setup for your meetyoo invitations to audio conference and web conferencing, we are very happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you.

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