• Key phone commands for your conference

    As a teleconference moderator or participant you are in control: Access all control commands from your handset at any time.

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Control options for your teleconference

Participant dial-in

Simply dial in at the agreed time using the direct-dial number provided in your access e-mail, enter the subscriber PIN and confirm with the # key. Once dialed in you have joined the telephone conference.

Moderator dial-in

At the agreed time,call the dial-up number (sent in your access e-mail) and enter the moderator’s PIN (conference entry code), followed by the # key.

Conference key commands – Participants

0# Operator Help Call the operator for assistance.
*0 List all options Lists all command options available.
*2 Stop Recorded Message Stops automatic voice announcements.
*4 Volume Control Control the volume of the call (louder/quieter).
*6 Mute/Unmute Mute or unmute the line.

Conference key commands – Moderator

*5 Lock/unlock conference room Opens or closes the conference room so that no further participants can join.
*7 Presentation mode on/off Switch to presentation mode to mute other participants; switch back to unmute.
#1 Play participant names Names recorded at the beginning of the conference are played.
#2 Number of participants Announces the number of participants online.
#3 Dial-out connection by the operator (extra charge) Allows the operator to accept additional participants.
#7 Start / Stop recording & play library recordings Allows the moderator to start and stop recordings and play recordings from the libary.
#9 Moderator hang-up Ends the conference for all participants as soon as the moderator leaves the conference.
## End conference Ends the conference for all participants.