• Glossary

    The Glossary contains all terms surrounding meetyoo communication solutions in alphabetical order, explained in detail.



Access Code

An Access Code grants you access to a specific, secured physical or virtual area.

Access Data

You need access data to gain access to certain secured areas and to guarantee that your contents are identified and transmitted correctly.

Application Sharing

Application Sharing describes a mutual application of programs that are not available on all participant computers. In this case, the user releases the relevant program so that the other participants can view it and be able to work with it once the permission has been granted.


The meetyoo product AudioEvent is an assisted virtual event, whereby up to 2000 participants can receive information, communicate with each other or participate in telephone training. This link will provide you with further information about meetyoo assisted telephone conferences and AudioEvents.

Audio Data File

An Audio Data File is a data file available on digital devices.

Audio Recording

Audio Recording is the digital recording and saving of audio material. In this way, contents can be archived or provided to absent persons. meetyoo offers this service for every conference and every product.



With ‘Branding’ a brand can be developed so that that it stands out from the competition. By using meetyoo you can brand most applications, be it the customer portal for BusinessMeeting or even a complete webcast surface. You can determine the design of the visual appearance in line with your preferences.


A Browser is a program that enables the viewing of and access to websites on the Internet.


BusinessMeeting is a meetyoo product offering you a 2-in-1 solution. It incorporates a telephone conference and a web conference designed for a maximum of 25 participants, available at flex rates and flat rates. You will find further information on the meetyoo BusinessMeeting telephone and web conference system by clicking on this link.

Business Update

This program updates company internal information that can be shared with employees in various ways. meetyoo offers various solutions to present the updates in an expert and appealing way. You will find further information on how to optimally design your next Business Update via this link.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

BYOD describes those private devices brought along and used by employees. Smartphones, laptops, tablets and USB sticks are the most commonly used devices.


Call Service (Dial-out)

This is an option, whereby the participants are called and guided to a specific conference. To this end, meetyoo provides operators to ensure access to a conference is as simple as possible and who ascertain that you do not miss an event.


Chat is a written virtual communication in real-time.


Co-Browsing describes mutual online surfing, assisted by special software. All participants view the same website and follow the mouse concurrently, which enables the participants to understand contents of certain websites much better, especially in cases where the participants are located in different places.

Collaboration Tool

Collaboration Tools are digital tools enabling effective online collaboration between several persons. Irrespective of the participants’ location, it is, among other things, possible to exchange contents amongst each other and/or process these simultaneously using this tool. Within the scope of WebEvents, meetyoo offers a specially developed EventManager as Collaboration Tool.

Conference Entry Code

The Conference Entry Code – also called PIN – represents the entry code which enables you to take part in a particular conference.

Conference Flat Rate

This flat rate allows the use of a virtual conference room without time limit for up to 25 participants, at a fixed price of 29.00 euros. You will find further information on telephone and web conferences at a BusinessMeeting Flat rate via this link.

Conference Room

A conference room allows participants of companies or associations to meet to communicate with each other undisturbed. The meetyoo conference rooms are on a virtual basis and have the advantage of working efficiently from various locations.

Corporate Design

Corporate Design is part of a company’s identity. A formal predetermined design allows companies to present themselves uniformly across the board. This design incorporates, the company’s logo, typography, house colours and other things. Design guidelines for each company determine how these constants are to be used.

Customer Portal

This is an access portal set up especially for customers to view linked content and to be able to process these. The meetyoo Customer Portal offers you extensive opportunities to check, use and adapt your telephone conference rooms.


Data Sharing

Data Sharing describes how certain data is shared between several locations, which are accordingly interlinked.


A Desktop refers to the general screen surface.


The ‘Dial-in’ process enables a participant to dial into the relevant conference, for which you will need a dial-in number and a PIN (also called a Conference Entry Code) at meetyoo.

Dial-in Number

A Dial-in Number is a telephone number that must be dialled to access a conference in a certain system. meetyoo provides dial-in numbers from more than 80 countries, depending on the present location of the participants.


The Dial-out option is one type of dialling into a conference, where the relevant participant is called by a meetyoo operator and guided to the conference.



EventManager is a tool for the meetyoo AudioEvent. With this tool, the conference leader can communicate with the event’s supporting operator by chat, as well as with the participants or to upload a presentation that can be used parallel to a telephone conference.

Event Password

The Event-Password is a safety measure requested should you decide to go for the additional EventManager option in an AudioEvent, which means that access to this area is only granted to authorised persons.



Feedback within the communication is the recipient’s reaction to the sender’s behaviour or to the information itself. Feedback is meant to help prevent misunderstandings between the sender and recipient and to increase understanding between both parties.


International Flat Rate

This meetyoo flat rate allows participants to use a conference room without a time limit, including a selection of international dial-in numbers. You will find further information on web- and telephone conferences at a BusinessMeeting Flat International rate via this link.

In-person Meeting

An In-person Meeting describes a meeting where all persons are present at the same real place.

Invitation Assistant

An invitation assistant is a tool that enables a user to invite participants to a virtual conference. For example, meetyoo, offers you the Invitation Assistant in the customer portal or in the form of an Outlook plug-in.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

ISO/IEC 27001 represents an international standard requiring companies and organisations to maintain a documented information security management system in respect of setting up, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving the system. meetyoo’s security of handled information was certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013, with a special focus on the conferencing area of application. With this certificate, TÜV certifies that all customer data is always safe and that all meetyoo processes follow the correct procedure.


Key Commands

Key Commands are commands on your telephone keypad in the form of key combinations that execute a particular function. meetyoo offers a series of different key combinations to customise your telephone and web conference to your needs. You will find an overview of all possible key commands via this link.



A Lead is a potential new customer. This term refers to a person’s interest in a business relationship with the relevant company and becomes apparent, for instance, with a test purchase, in which this person signals a non-binding intention to buy.

Lead Generation

A Lead Generation generates the interest of potential customers within the scope of marketing activities. You will find further information on how to handle Lead Generation most effectively with the assistance of meetyoo communication solutions via this link.

Live Image

A Live Image is a medially transmitted still image that is updated periodically.

Live Interpreter

Live Interpreters translate spoken words immediately from a source language to a target language. This option is provided for various meetyoo products so that, if required, you can reach a larger international group of participants.

Live Video

A Live Video is a type of real-time streaming.

Local Dial-in Number

A local dial-in number is a usual telephone number of cities in individual countries, whereby the customer will have to bear the costs for the used minutes. However, should the customer have an in-house flat rate, only the connection fees must be paid, should the user not be present in the relevant country.

Log News

Log News displays news and/or explanations transmitted in real-time.



MP3 is the name for a certain digital format for storing audio data files.


Name Listing

Name Listing is an option that is available to you when selecting an Audio/WebEvent. In case of a group of participants of up to 100 persons, certain participant information is requested by the operator and is provided to the conference leader afterwards in the form of a summarised list of participants.


On-Demand Version

An On-Demand Version is a variant whereby recorded data files are provided following a recording and which can be called up at any time.

Online Conference

The difference of an online conference compared to a real conference is that it takes place in a virtual surrounding. This means that participants take part at various locations and are still able to communicate with each other online. You will find further information on how to optimally design your next online conference via this link.

Online Presentation

During an Online Presentation, a visual and verbal presentation is realised via the Internet.  By using special access data, speakers and participants move into a virtual conference room, where they can follow a presentation via Internet despite being at different locations.

Online Training

An Online Training can be compared with a real training session. The main difference is that the event is held online and the participants are located at different places but are, nevertheless, able to follow the same training via Internet. You will find further information on how to design your next training optimally via this link.

One-off Conference

A One-off Conference is a single-use conference. The entry data expires as soon as the conference has come to an end.


An Operator is responsible for the planning, configuration and administration of a live transmission. For every Online Event, meetyoo will make a personal contact person available to support you from beginning to end.

Outlook Plug-in

The meetyoo Outlook Plug-in is a program integrated into Outlook to plan telephone conferences and web conferences fast and simply directly via Outlook. The invited participants receive their access data to a conference via an automated e-mail. A detailed guide on how to install and use the Outlook Plug-ins can be found via this link.


Participant Dial-in

The term Dial-in describes the dialling in of participants into a certain conference. At meetyoo you will need a dial-in number as well as a PIN (also called Conference Entry Code) for this type of dial-in.


The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a numerical code that is used to ascertain the security of a certain application. Every telephone conference room at meetyoo has such a PIN. To further heighten security, meetyoo offers a strictly confidential Presenter PIN as well as a generally applicable Participant PIN.


A Presenter leads the discussions. Presenters guide conversations during conferences and may possibly intervene, if need be.



Q&A is the short form for ‘Question & Answer’. This term describes a question and answer session attended by presenters and participants of a conference.

Question-Answer Option

This is an additional option of AudioEvents, allowing the participants to have questions answered at once during or following a conference.



Reporting has to do with the processing and distribution of information of certain company information. This information is processed by particular software solutions and provided to the relevant person in a simple and comprehensible form.


Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing facilitates the release of a selected screen, to share it with other users. Extended release processes allow other users to gain direct access to the relevant screen and to actively control its interface.

Screen Transmission

The Screen Transmission can release a selected screen to enable other participants, who are working on their computer at different locations, to view this particular screen.


A Stakeholder is part of a certain group of persons (internal and external) who relates to the current or future activities of a company. Stakeholders are entitled to assert their claims with the company and thus influence its success and failure.

Synchronised Slide Presentation

This presentation is an option that can be booked additionally for an Audio/WebEvent. It enables a parallel display of a telephone track and presentation. The recording is provided to you digitally afterwards and you can call up the WebEvent as often as you like to follow the synchronisation between soundtrack and presentation.


Team Update

Team Update is an internal meeting between colleagues to exchange information. meetyoo offers various communication solutions to display such information expertly and in a visually appealing manner. You will find further information on how to optimally design your next team meeting via this link.

Telephone Conference

This is a telephone conversation with several participants at different locations, exchanging information by telephone. By using meetyoo BusinessMeeting you can conduct a telephone and/or web conference with up to 25 participants and, if requested, these can be invoiced exactly minute by minute or unlimited with a flat rate fee.  You will find further information on telephone and web conferences with BusinessMeeting via this link.

Toll-free number

A Freephone Number allows calls free of charge for the caller. The costs are exclusively met by the owner. meetyoo offers such a number in almost all countries.


Virtual Conference Room

A Virtual Conference Room is an imaginary room, meaning that there are no actual rooms available, it only appears so. meetyoo also often uses the term ‘telephone conference rooms’.

Virtual Event

This is an event that takes place via digital communication. As is the case with physical events, this also serves the purpose of informing a certain group of participants and enables an exchange. For this kind of communication, the meetyoo subsidiary Ubivent offers extensive and multi-facetted solutions to satisfy your expectations of a virtual event.


Web Application

A Web Application is an application on the Internet that can only be executed online and need not be installed as compared to a desktop application. Web applications are usually accessed via an Internet browser. Video players or picture galleries, for instance, often use web applications.


A Webcam is a web-enabled device linked with a camera, enabling the user to transmit real-time pictures via the Internet to an individual person or to a specific group of participants.


Webcast is a real event that is transmitted via the Internet in the form of a video and audio stream to a large number of participants. A difference is made between a live webcast and an on-demand webcast.

Web Conference

A Web Conference is a virtual conference and consists of at least two people. Communication is conducted by telephone and interaction takes place via the computer screen, in the form of a presentation, for instance. meetyoo BusinessMeeting offers a two-in-one solution in the form of telephone conferences as well as web conferences any time and from anywhere for up to 25 participants.

Web Control

A Web Control is Internet-based for a specific application. meetyoo provides various web controls to design your virtual conferences as attractively and practically as possible.


The meetyoo WebEvent is a supervised virtual event, in which communication is in the form of a telephone conference and the visual display is in the form of an online presentation.

WebEx Event Center

The meetyoo WebEx Event Centre offers extensive digital tools to enable virtual teams to cooperate efficiently. It is, for example, possible to share your own points with other participants directly from your own computer, show presentations and videos and transmit screen contents.


A Webinar is an interactive seminar held online and often interlinked with an online presentation. The objective of this virtual event is to train participants in specific subjects, whereby the interaction and discussion between participants and teachers represent the central part of this communication.


A Whiteboard is a board that can be written on and which supports written communication by making it visual. meetyoo offers this Whiteboard for telephone and web conferences on a virtual basis to enable broad-based communication.


A Widget is an operating element within a graphic user surface.

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