The Dawn of Digital Events

Tony E. Kula (CEO) / December 2019 / Digital Event

Every company starts with a singular idea. Apple was a computer. Nike, a shoe. But at some point in a company’s life, they evolve and expand. What started simple must become bigger.

My company meetyoo started as a service provider for conferencing, but we are now stepping onto a new digital stage…

Everyone is gearing up for 2020, and meetyoo is starting the year in a bold new direction. I am incredibly excited to announce that meetyoo will be starting a new chapter in digital communication, by organising our own digital events!

meetyoo creates connection. It has been used to bridge businesses to their teams and clients for effortless communication across the world. But now the demand for digital communication is increasing. We realized that if we wanted to show the full potential and breadth of communication technology, we would have to be the ones to do it. That’s why we’ve realised we can build more than software: we can start bringing global communities together too!

Thirty years ago, people might not have imagined digital events replacing in-person events. Today, meetyoo is embracing it by asking the question: How can we make digital events as seamless as possible?

This goes beyond writing strong code, and into the art (and science) of bringing people together. We will organise compelling speakers, diverse panelists, an exciting agenda, and fitting sponsors. These digital conferences will offer all of the benefits of a live event, without needing to attend. In short, we will do everything but book the venue!

Digital WorldBike: Pedaling Towards the Future

My career has always ridden alongside dynamic technology, and becoming conference organizers seemed like the next logical and exciting step. We have big plans to use meetyoo to build better conferences and closer communities on a global scale. With that in mind, our first digital conference will help a group close to my heart: The cycling community!

Cycling is one of my greatest passions. Riding a bike on my own was my first taste of freedom. I love the burning sensation when pushing up a hill, and the rush flying down the other side, the wind on my face. Cycling is a constant dance between working hard and resting smart (just like my business!). But as great as cycling is, it isn’t always easy to ride with cars whizzing by, poorly marked bike lanes, and potholes wrecking our tires.

These problems got me thinking about the long-term effects of cyclists in our cities, and how they could be improved for everyone. The solution? meetyoo’s first self-organised digital conference & expo: Digital WorldBike. The online conference will bring together cyclists from around the world, and focus on topics like street safety, security, and how to properly represent cyclists on the street.

Digital WorldBike is a chance to unite city authorities who are not able to make the long commute to a physical space. We want city authorities with more advanced cycling policies, like Amsterdam, to ride alongside cities with developing cycling communities, like Berlin.

As a former Tour de France racer, I’m also thrilled to announce cycling legend Jens Voigt is part of the Digital WorldBike team! Jens knows the rules of the road better than anyone, and is the perfect voice to share Digital WorldBike’s message.

You might be wondering: Will something so active work as a digital event? Big bike shows are also losing momentum. Just like with trade shows as I mentioned in my previous article, audience participation at bike shows is in consistent decline. People are choosing the convenience of digital information over costly conferences.

We aren’t happy or sad that it has worked like this, but the digital trend is undeniable. And meetyoo will keep riding with that change.

The Digital Advantage

There are several notable benefits to digital events and I listed the most important ones below.

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Convenience: Digital events give access to individuals who can’t be there in person. Maybe their children are sick, the conference is in Singapore, or their company won’t cover their travel. Holding digital events is an excellent opportunity for more people to reap the benefits of a conference without the added strain or financial burdens. And when people are less stressed, we learn better too!

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Sustainability: When events are digital, there is no commuting. With fewer cars on the road and planes in the air, we save on harmful emissions and consumption.

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Continuous Conversations: meetyoo provides crystal clear communication so no-one misses a moment. We’re fighting back against poor connection, frozen screens and constant refreshing: the enemies of seamless collaboration.

Having a clear message can be the difference between landing a new client or starting again from scratch. All meetyoo presentations are recorded so no one has to take notes ferociously, and can instead be fully present. After all, creative ideas and innovations bloom when people are free to be in the moment.

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Forever Lasting: Digital events are permanent. Think of all of the lost ideas that weren’t preserved at physical events. With meetyoo’s technology, we can record the present for a richer future. This is what I want to give to the next generation: a smooth system to connect more people and preserve important ideas.

Now this may seem like a bright future, but not everyone is hopping on this bicycle. People might be afraid to give up on the traditional trade shows. They are still worried about filling 1000 seats in a conference hall. But the truth is, just because trade shows are how we have always connected doesn’t make it the only way. This fixed mindset will prevent businesses from flourishing in the ever-changing future. My prediction? If they fail to go digital in some capacity, they won’t thrive, or perhaps even survive.

It’s important to say I don’t think we should give up on physical trade shows or in-person conferences! When we open our mindset towards growth, there are more opportunities for innovation and bolder ideas. Hybrid events use the best of both worlds. Offering a digital component gives the customer a more convenient option without draining precious finances.

In this convenience-led world, people no longer care about where the space is located. But what they do (and will always) care about is good content. Provided this is delivered, our clients now have a professional space to hold the attention of thousands of people without leaving their office or home.

Keep Riding On

Like when I’m cycling new roads, I don’t know what lies around the next corner for meetyoo’s digital events. This is a new adventure for us, and we are incredibly excited for our first ride! This will be a time for us to innovate more than ever. We’re always open to change, as long as it makes us better.

After the twists and turns of this first race, we’ll be speeding into the next digital event. Our second quarter will kick off with a Digital EarthDay. By encouraging people to honor our planet over a digital medium, we can lower petrol consumption and stress. I can’t think of a better way of celebrating our earth!

We see all of the advantages of holding large digital events. It’s a long road ahead of us. The journey won’t be what we expect, but one thing is for sure: It’s going to be an extremely fun ride!