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The Evolution Of Non-Physical Events

For humans all over the world, from America to Antarctica and everywhere in between, one fact is always true: We thrive on connection. There’s nothing like sharing experiences with a group of like-minded individuals.

Researchers from around the world gather via streaming for the international ‘Future of Work’ symposium

To meet the above objectives, an International Scientific Symposium entitled ‘Future of Work’ will be held from July 2nd to 4th.

Which science fiction writer predicted broadcast of audio-visual content over the Internet?

Isaac Asimov, one of the great sci-fi writers, defined it this way: ‘Science fiction is that branch of literature that deals with human responses to changes in the level of science and technology’.

Virtual Reality in Film: Visionary Fiction or More?

The appeal of virtual realities lies above all in their function as a creative medium. This technology is designed like a construction kit for immersive environments which can be individually adapted to the vision of the respective creators.

Like Psychiatry: The first virtual fair to address the mental health sector’s challenges

This event appears on the Internet under the slogan “Digital interaction with real prospects”. Three psychiatric clinic associations from three different federal states.

AI, automation and ecology mark the future of the aerospace industry

Under the name Skyforward, the first virtual job fair in the aviation and space industry was held in Germany on 22 and 23 May. This event, organised by the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI) was set up with a dual goal.

Science Fiction: Gazing into the (technological) future through our present

A certain focus on development and innovation is an integral part of everyday life in any tech company. In order to fuel idea generation, you have to actively look for possible sources of inspiration – and this is the exact point in which science fiction becomes exciting.

Thomas Reck: „ Authenticity is an essential part of a Personal Brand ”

After our post about Personal branding last week, the journey of how to create or enhance the personal brand continues. The example of Thomas Reck speaks for itself. With 19 years, the young entrepreneur has already founded his first company, called Insight. Thomas helps CEOs and Founders grow their Personal Brand on social media.

Personal Branding: The Art of Being Your Own Brand

How can a personal brand be built up today? And where are the opportunities for the future? In this blog post you will learn everything about personal branding and why it becomes more and more important to build a personal brand in the time of the individual.

+++Frauenhofer IAO: Streaming around the world in 24 hours+++

The Virtual World Tour took place within the framework of the Year of Science 2018 on the topic “Working Worlds of the Future” and presented an exciting challenge in the area of so-called hybrid events.

Over 24 hours – parallel to the conference in Stuttgart – 12 research institutions from eight time zones all over the world were able to present current research results and their views on the working worlds of the future via live streams.

+++Skyforward: Virtual job fair for the aerospace industry +++

This year the BDLI launches the SkyForward CareerCenter, the first virtual career floor for the aerospace industry. On May 22 and 23 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., prospective candidates and curious visitors can use this innovative trade fair format to gain an insight into this exciting industry and learn more about attractive training programs and current job offers. We are looking for candidates from the following areas: Engineering & Technology, IT and Science & Research

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