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Fraunhofer IAO and the Virtual World Tour


The Fraunhofer IAO was appointed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research to organize a conference on the topic of labour research. It was particularly important to the organizers to not only present forward-looking content on the topic, but also to integrate an innovative event format into the conference.

Winning Our Own Race: Reflections on Digital WorldBike


On March 31st, meetyoo premiered our first self-made digital conference, free for all. Digital WorldBike showcased the full range and potential for meetyoo technology, and represents what I’ve been working towards since starting our company.

How We Defined Our Vision


What will your industry look like in 10 years? How far forward can you see? The best companies have one thing in common: A long-term vision of what their future looks like.

The Dawn of Digital Events


Every company starts with a singular idea. Apple was a computer. Nike, a shoe. But at some point in a company’s life, they evolve and expand. What started simple must become bigger.

Convenience is the Future


Why do trade fairs extinct when they arouse our need to make contacts? Read more about digitisation and why every company should move in the direction of digital change in this article.


The Benefits of Becoming a “Conscious Company”​

Every for-profit business is sustained by one thing. The clue is in their name: Profit.

But at some point, every business (and respectively, their Founder) reaches a certain stage where they should ask: “Is there more to it than profit?”

zeit und raum

Space and time at virtual events

A virtual event offers possibilities that a traditional event cannot. When events are planned, one usually relies on existing concepts and proven processes. After all, they have been proven to work in the past. But we would like to break with this approach.

The Evolution Of Non-Physical Events

For humans all over the world, from America to Antarctica and everywhere in between, one fact is always true: We thrive on connection. There’s nothing like sharing experiences with a group of like-minded individuals.

Researchers from around the world gather via streaming for the international ‘Future of Work’ symposium

To meet the above objectives, an International Scientific Symposium entitled ‘Future of Work’ will be held from July 2nd to 4th.

Which science fiction writer predicted broadcast of audio-visual content over the Internet?

Isaac Asimov, one of the great sci-fi writers, defined it this way: ‘Science fiction is that branch of literature that deals with human responses to changes in the level of science and technology’.

Virtual Reality in Film: Visionary Fiction or More?

The appeal of virtual realities lies above all in their function as a creative medium. This technology is designed like a construction kit for immersive environments which can be individually adapted to the vision of the respective creators.

Like Psychiatry: The first virtual fair to address the mental health sector’s challenges

This event appears on the Internet under the slogan “Digital interaction with real prospects”. Three psychiatric clinic associations from three different federal states.

AI, automation and ecology mark the future of the aerospace industry

Under the name Skyforward, the first virtual job fair in the aviation and space industry was held in Germany on 22 and 23 May. This event, organised by the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI) was set up with a dual goal.

Science Fiction: Gazing into the (technological) future through our present

A certain focus on development and innovation is an integral part of everyday life in any tech company. In order to fuel idea generation, you have to actively look for possible sources of inspiration – and this is the exact point in which science fiction becomes exciting.

Personal Branding: The Art of Being Your Own Brand

How can a personal brand be built up today? And where are the opportunities for the future? In this blog post you will learn everything about personal branding and why it becomes more and more important to build a personal brand in the time of the individual.

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