A global virtual meeting: connecting coworkers on a larger scale

  • Virtual employee information event
  • Simple, interactive, accessible from all over the world
  • On demand availability

About Swarovski

Company: Swarovski
Employees: 25,000
Industry: Trade


Field: Trade
Products used: Virtual Fair

"A virtual conference is a step in the future, but success is only guaranteed if the right technology and support is provided. It was a great experience in the future of global meetings."

Heidi Stadler - C4G Program Office Coordinator, Swarovski AG


Swarovski planned a global virtual meeting and gave employees from around the world the possibility to schedule their attendance individually and receive updates about current topics in an easily accessible manner online. Turning to virtual events was a logical step towards Swarovski‘s goal to develop and implement even more agile and efficient ways of working.


After becoming aware of meetyoo‘s virtual conferences, Swarovski Consumer Goods Business decided to contact meetyoo and collaborate to organize a personalized virtual event. Swarovski was keen to try out a new format and test its potential use as a future alternative to on-site conferences – as these sorts of events are difficult to coordinate for an international enterprise with thousands of employees all over the world.


It was possible to have the platform tailored to all personal needs all the way down to adding Swarovski branding. After the conclusion of the event, more insights could be gained by analyzing the data regarding the attendance of the live sessions and their on-demand versions. This information had been collected by the reporting system as part of meetyoo‘s digital event package.