How ARTFAIR used digitalization to make a new format accessible for the art market

  • Over 50 exhibition booths were programmed within a few weeks
  • More than 1,600 people signed up for the event
  • Over 800 exhibits were shown at the artists’ booths

About the ARTFAIR Mannheim

Company: Prince House Gallery
Industry: Institutions


Field: Art and culture
Products used: ubivent

"Thanks to the generous sponsorship by partners like meetyoo, we were able to give artists and galleries the opportunity to not only present their art on a virtual platform but rather to merge one's own networks, to listen to lectures, to interact, to experience art - at least a little."

Johann Schulz-Sobez, CEO of Prince House GmbH


The Prince House Gallery opened its doors in 2016. The gallery’s founders wanted to create a place full of art and life where people would be able to form authentic relationships. Unfortunately, the lockdown made this business model impossible. Art is something which has to be experienced with all senses. The interplay between the analogue and digital world is therefore an exciting challenge that the Prince House Gallery was keen to face. Because of this idea, the ARTFAIR Mannheim was created – a digital fair where artists and gallery owners could interact and present themselves and their work to a large online audience.