Maleki Academy: The webcast media library for experts from Finance & Co.

  • Connecting various international conferences using webcasts
  • Provision of all webcasts in an on-demand media library
  • Generation of reach within the target group

About Maleki

Company: Maleki Corporate Group
Industries: Consultancy


Field: International Finance and Politics
Product Used: ubivents

"Working with meetyoo has opened up opportunities that I wasn't even aware of before. The result was fantastic, because the event was also available virtually after the day of the event and you could later demonstrate the format to customers using these recordings."

Dr. Nader Maleki (Founder and CEO)


Since their joint video conferencing project “GLOBAL24” in 1997, the CEO of the MALEKI CORPORATE GROUP GmbH and meetyoo’s CEO have been linked by a professional friendship. In 2018, this partnership was revitalised in the context of several events with webcast features and translated into an innovative concept for a digital event series about international finance & politics topics.