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Your style, your virtual event design

Our digital platform for immersive online event experiences is not only highly interactive, but also offers engaging and beautiful environments. Offering your audiences a captivating virtual event design to explore and enjoy is a central part of fulfilling and unique events that leave a lasting impression.

Because of this, our team of digital designers use sophisticated 3D models to create lifelike digital locations or worlds which are rendered in 2D and integrated into our MEETYOO Pro platform for point-and-click exploration.

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Captivating virtual venue designs 

Depending on which event package you choose, you can provide your event participants with a beautiful, template-based venue, or go all out with an individual virtual event design that is unique to your event.

  • Immersive template venue designs
  • Possibilities to create unique environments
  • Integration of CI and sponsor logos/banners
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Next level event experiences

Once you have experienced one of our virtual events, you won’t want to go back to online calls and standard webinars.

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The ultimate virtual venue design for targeted brand messaging

Show off your branding by integrating color themes, logos, and banners into your virtual event design. You can choose to recreate a real location, a specific fair venue style, or something more creative – we have taken customer events to the moon and the bottom of the sea before...

Regardless of the visual style you choose, you have numerous opportunities to highlight your content, products, and additional exhibitors using thematic booths.

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Personalized virtual exhibitor booths and avatars

Our design packages include the option to integrate template-based booths in your CI or unique booths that can be seamlessly integrated in your unique virtual event design. Booth staff members can use a personal image or a short looped clip to create a digital booth avatar which is either static or animated. This way exhibitors can add a personal touch to their virtual booths to welcome visitors and encourage them to explore and engage.

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