• “We can always rely on the fact that even during evening hours there are enough operators available to place a considerable number of participants into the conference on time.”

Success Story

Training in the social sector carried out with the AudioEvent by meetyoo

The pme Familienservice Group is the leading provider for extensive support programmes for employees in Germany. In its operations, pme has relied heavily on the telephone conference service provided by meetyoo conferencing GmbH for more than 6 years as an innovative teaching method.

Used only for internal communication so far, it became quite clear that the meetyoo conference service is of a high standard, secure and reliable. When pme was looking for options to also use telephone conferencing for training at an external level, the decision went again in favour of the Berlin conference provider. In the meetyoo AudioEvent product, pme found an efficient alternative to the in-person events and discussions held until then. Customers from all over Germany are now able to take part in training courses by telephone and save both time and travelling costs.

Apart from the usual continued education measures, for example, about stress management, burnout prevention and bilingual education of children, larger projects have also been realised with meetyoo AudioEvents. Among these is the information provided for employees of multi-generational households. Using an event registration site in pme design, employees can register in advance and enter user-defined information, such as their location. All registered participants receive an e-mail with calendar dates and required dial-in information in time for a punctual dial-in.

The objective of these telephone conferences is to provide employees with sound knowledge to enable them to pass on qualified information later on. To ascertain that the information has been received correctly, a Q&A session initiated by meetyoo takes place following the telephone conference. Finally, pme is provided with a detailed list of participants showing who took part and for how long so that detailed attendance notes or certificates can be issued thereafter.

Another training programme supported by meetyoo AudioEvents is the portal for day care mothers and fathers. Using the portal, the pme Familienservice has been holding evening telephone conferences since 2007 with participants throughout Germany. They take place every two months and include pedagogical and legal subjects with the objective of supporting and qualifying day care mothers and fathers. Because telephone conferences are recorded, pme can effectively incorporate the information garnered in their knowledge portal.

In meetyoo, the pme Familienservice Group has found a reliable provider for conferences that guarantees personal support for up to 200 participants – even during evening conferences.

About the pme Familienservice Group:

The pme Familienservice Group is a leading service provider for companies and institutions in the sector of work-life balance and the largest and most experienced work-life balance provider in Germany. It supports employees on behalf of employers in finding a balance between work and private life and is also supports companies in the development and implementation offers to support employees, all with the objective to ease the burden of finding this balance.